Ohio Teen Makes History, Graduates College Before Finishing High School – Video


Cameron Ray is a 15 year high school junior in Warrensville Heights City School in Ohio. While still being a high school student, this young lad surprisingly becomes the youngest student graduating from Cuyahoga Community College. On his school’s website, in an article, Ray’s enthusiasm on his achievement can be felt when he says “Everyone is usually pretty surprised when I tell them I’m only a junior in high school.”

Cameron got entry to college early through Ohio College Credit plus program. This program allows students of grade 7 to grade 12 from to earn college credits. Although Ray will complete his graduation in the year 2021, he has already decided to pursue a career of a Director. After completing his graduation, he plans to study film at Cleveland State University. Ray told to WBNS 10 TV, that thorough his search, the only person who he could find graduating from College at a similar age as his age was ‘Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr.’, in 1944. He cheerfully added “that is something I’m especially proud of.”

He also highlighted on importance of time management, a necessary skill acquired by him while studying at Cuyahoga Community College. He added that Time Management enabled him to balance his social and academic life. Commenting upon common human psychology, Ray said “I’ve learned that sometimes it’s the best things in life you’ll be fearful of.” Ray further said to be successful “But you’ve got to push yourself and get acquainted.”