18 Staggering Facts About Women That Can Knock You Off Your Feet


Even if you are a woman, something of these facts will surprise you. And if you’re a guy, well, let’s just say that after reading this, you will feel like you never knew anything! Let’s start small. For example, some scientists claim that women with larger brains are more intelligent. Also, women do have a better sense of smell, a more developed intuition.

However, to truly get to know a woman is a mission impossible. Even psychologists and other scientists are struggling to understand how a woman’s mind works. But, you can always try, and we shall start with 20 staggering facts!

1. Women Have Poorer Eyesight

Two scientific factors clarify why men have better eyesight than women. First, women live longer.

And the aging process is not kind to our eyesight. Secondly, women are more prone to some eye illnesses due to hormonal changes. This is so distinctive that there are 2-3 times fewer men with this syndrome than women.

2. Blondes Have More Babies

Fair hair implies that a woman is more fertile. Scientifically, it is because light hair has a direct link to a high estrogen level in the gore. After the first child woman’s fair hair gets a bit darker, it becomes even darker after the second. It is because the estrogen levels are dropping.

3. Man’s Smell Can Calm Down A Woman In Love

Scientists from the University of British Columbia have revealed that smelling a beloved guy decreases a woman’s stress levels. The research was conducted on 96 couples. Men got clean T-shirts that they were supposed to wear for one day. After, the T-shirts were randomly given to women without explaining whose T-shirt they received. As a result, girls who got the T-shirt of their partners felt less stress during the test.

4. Talking Is Pleasurable

Women indeed talk about three times more than men. But, there is a reason for that. According to the book The Female Brain, written by female psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, a woman’s brain initially has more cells responsible for speech functions.

Also, women enjoy hearing the sounds of their voices. That’s why on average, a man says 7000, while a woman 20000 words.

5. Animals Are Baby Reminders

When a woman sees a baby, she falls for its big eyes, high forehead, plump cheeks, and since she is subconsciously programmed to nurture, she wants to take care of that baby. Similarly, some animals, cats, dogs, raccoons, have similar contrasting proportions and create the same impressions as vulnerable babies in need of care and protection. Both animals and babies appear helpless, and women want to take care of them. Maternal instinct is responsible for the on-growing trend of humanizing pets.

6. Women Do See More Colors

Despite the eyesight issues, women see on average 20% more differences in colors and shapes. So it is not just pink, because it could be hot pink, Fuschia, baby pink, and more. And whether it is cream or eggshell is a big deal!

7. Maturity Is Attractive

Despite our best efforts to find the fountain of youth, men are more attracted to mature women. Women who gave birth or have a pear-shaped figure are more attractive. Also, men prefer women who are not on the pill, and they will sense all this in a woman’s odor and the pitch of their voice.

8. Getting Their Men Fatter

Men in long-term relationships are getting bigger because women are in their taking care mode. Women want to take care of their men and make them better warriors. Also, they want to make them less s-xy for others, and it all goes back to cavemen and their partners.

9. Style Always Wins

Women will take style over comfort. But, sadly, it is because of centuries of pressing women to look a certain way. The media is currently exploring it, making modern women to fashion, as much as their ancestors were attached to society’s norms and expectations.

10. Highest IQs

The two highest IQs ever recorded were that of women.

11. Unsung Heroes Of Invention

Electric refrigerator was discovered by Florence Parpart in 1903. Anna Conelly engineered the fi-re escape in 1887. Also, Mario Donovan had discovered disposable diapers in 1946. Over the years women have invented many day to day necessary items which need all the necessary shoutouts.

12. Heels Weren’t Initially For Women

Heels were brought into women’s fashion in the 1600s to imitate men who wore heels as a sign of their masculinity and status.

13. Face Reading

Women Have better ability to read the minds and faces of others. They have an ability to read and understand expressions which helps them in better communication.

14. Women Live Longer

On average, it is up to 2-5 years, but even some female animals outlive their partners. Female orangutans and chimpanzees outlive their partners as well.

15. Women Love Pink For A Good Reason

Women inherited their love for the color pink from their ancestors in their female lineage. Female ancestors had to learn to distinguish ripe fruit from unripe fruit to keep their babies safe. The color perception of women is much larger than for men, so there are almost no color-blind women. So, admit it, how many of these facts do you now know, yet you were clueless before?

16. What To Wear?

Ever struggled to decide what to wear in order to buy groceries? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that an average woman spends an entire year of her life deciding what to wear.

17. Al-cohol Tolerance

Women get dr-unk faster than men because the female body has less water in its tissue. This is the same reason why women sweat less than men.

18. Childbirth

Every 90 seconds across the world, a woman demise during pregnancy or childbirth. This rate is higher in India due to the desire for a male child.