15 Signs Your Partner May Be With Someone Else


When someone is che-ating on you or at least thinking about it, there will be plenty of hints they will unwittingly give you about the illicit affair. Small clues include noticing a new perfume on their clothes. Truthfully, that is not a foolproof sign that your partner is stepping out on you. Fortunately, there are lots of obvious signs that your partner might be unfaithful, which would warrant deeper investigations into the matter.

Below are some tricky signs that your partner might be s-xually intim-ate with another person.

1. A Lackluster Love Life

If someone is suddenly disinterested in having an relationship with you, then it’s worth considering the fact that they are getting their s-ual needs addressed by someone else.

2. They Don’t Enjoy Being Around You

Once someone is interested in someone else, they will not find your company as exciting as they previously did. For instance, they will not be as interested in having conversations with you, at least not as much as they were in the past. So, how has your partner’s behavior around you changed for you to think he/she has been playing you? If the lack of excitement does not happen just in the bedroom, then he might be finding someone else’s company more exciting.

3. Communication Delays

When your partner is giving someone else their full attention, they will not have as much time for you. That means it might take a while for them to communicate with you. However, be careful with this sign as it could mean a lot of other things besides avoid. Maybe they are too occupied with a new project at work to give much attention to their phones. However, if nothing of the sort has happened and the person always gave you their full attention in the past, then something might be up.

4. Persistent Lateness

A partner who is always late and finding excuses for this behavior might be unfaithful. Working late a few times is understandable, but if that becomes the new normal, then a new close partner might have something to do with it.

5. Unexplained Expenses

This will work best if you live together. If you look at your finances and realize there are some details you can’t explain, then it might have something to do with the fact that there is a third partner involved. When people get into new relationships, they tend to spend some money on it. So, an increasingly tighter budget might be a sign that your partner is avoid on you, especially if you can no longer explain where the money is disappearing to.

6. They Now Own A Second Cellphone

First of all, there are people whose jobs require them to have a second cellphone. For instance, when running a business, a second cellphone might be necessary for business communications. However, if they suddenly own a second phone for “convenience,” then you might have a reason to be suspicious, especially if it is password protected. It is especially a bad sign if you find out about the phone by ac-ent because your partner was trying to hide its existence from you. If owning a new phone was so innocent, it wouldn’t be such a mystery to you.

7. Increased Openness

If your partner is suddenly very comfortable with you inspecting their phone, then you might have a reason to be suspicious.

Unfaithful partners try to find ways to reassure their partners that they can be trusted, and they usually go the extra mile to prove it. The reason the phone might not have a password anymore might be because they want you to inspect it and realize that they have nothing to hide. Keep in mind that they have nothing to hide because they are sure you will find nothing incriminating because they have deleted all the evidence or hidden it somewhere you can’t find it.

8. Unexpected Generosity

A partner who is suddenly giving you random gifts should be a source of concern. If there is a special day coming up, that will make perfect sense.

However, if you get an unexpected gift out of the blues, it might be a way for them to conceal their guilt because something bad is happening behind your back.

9. A Curious Special Friend

If your partner has a “special friend” that seems to have appeared out of nowhere but is taking a lot of their time, then you should be very careful. That might be their lover, especially if you cannot explain the reason behind the special bond. We all make friends, but usually, we can see why the friendship is happening when one of the people involved in our partner. So, when your partner’s friend leaves you with more questions than answers, then you might have plenty to worry about.

10. Increased Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is a good sign that someone’s attention is somewhere else. It means that someone is too excited or overwhelmed by someone or something else to keep it together in many cases. Handling two icloserelationships is not easy, especially when one of them has to be kept private. So, if your partner seems to be forgetting things they never forgot before, it might have something to do with the fact that they are seeing someone else.

11. They Have Less Time For The Family

In the past, this person was available to spend all the time you could imagine with the family.

However, that does not happen as much. It might be because they have other things to think about, such as another partner. When someone has a new close partner, they will feel the urge to spend more time with them, and that will also come with a desire to spend less time with other people, such as family.

12. A Cold And Distant Behavior

If your partner is close with someone else and is falling for them, they will feel like anyone else who tries to get close is a bother. Yes, even you. That might explain the cold and distant behavior.

However, if your partner is often moody and distant, then avoid might not be to blame. Also, note that your partner might act cold and distant for other reasons, such as stress.

13. Changes In Typical Behavior

People who have gotten into new relationships change in one way or another. For instance, your partner might start stepping outside whenever taking calls. If they never bothered about where they put their things, they might turn into neat freaks without warning. You might also notice that they have changed their dressing style, their hairstyle, or their perfume. That is very telling when it comes to sniffing out potential che-aters. Still, you should consider this fact alongside other possible signs.

14. New And Strange Habits

Some changes in your partner, although seemingly positive, should actually be red flags. For instance, someone who has hated sports all their lives and mysteriously starts acting like the biggest sports fan in the world should be examined closely. Typically, people pick up strange new habits when trying to impress a new partner.

15. Unexplained Stuff In Your Environment

If your partner is seeing someone else, you might notice strange things in your surroundings over time. For instance, you might get unfamiliar receipts that show payments for meals for two. You might also find two cups in your car. Such signs might be telling you that your partner is seeing someone else behind your back and is not doing a very good job of covering their tracks.

We all know that being played sucks. However, the only thing worse than getting ch-eated on is not knowing about it. These tips should help you figure out if you are being played or not. Understand that a sign or two might not necessarily mean your partner is having a relationship with someone else. However, if you see many of these signs at once, then the worst might be already happening.


Blossomthis is the very reason why i am single all of this cheating games i m so done with it i hate being taken advantage off and lied too i would rather be alone then being with someone i cannot trust

Sally WilsonI have just found out my partner is getting photos from these woman and has other women messaging him when I say something to him he just laughs and of course denies it I’ve had it with him and now I’m planning to get away from him let someone else put up with his cheating ways im better off on my own

Marie GzDo you think it’s a good idea I go to a gathering I know my ex will attend? We haven’t seen each other since we broke up and even though I’ve been working on myself, I still feel emotionally available to him 🙁 just thinking of seeing him makes me anxious and makes me wanna cry

Azir besimIf your partner starts being aggr-essive start arguing with you even for small things that mean she is not happy in that relationship any more

Joshua BorreThank you for this!! A lot of these thing are happening I can see them now that they are pointed out thank you!!!

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