Stevie J Done With Wife, Faith Evans, Files For Divorce After Three Years Of Marriage


In the classic 1998 bop “Love Like This,” Faith Evans sang that if two people in love can work together then love within the relationship can last forever. It appears that for her own marriage to Stevie J, that theory did not work out for them. According to recent reports, the happily ever after that once was is no more because Stevie J has chosen to file for a divorce.

Following his relationship with Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J began to date R&B singer Faith Evans. Faith has recalled never taking her future husband seriously initially, but over time, their friendship blossomed into romance.

However, they hit a snag once Faith realized that he had still been dealing with Hernandez. Catching wind that producer and reality star Stevie J was not truthful about Hernandez, she ended the relationship citing that she was not a “man stealer” or “homewrecker.” But the world was intrigued to find out that Faith Evans and Stevie J entered into marriage on July 17, 2018.

A tweet popped up from Stevie J’s account that professed his love for Faith, but noticeably, her name was changed. “I love you Faith Renee Jordan,” he wrote. Solidifying that this was not a joke, Faith replied to her then-husband. “I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan.”

TMZ learned of a marriage license that had been applied for by the couple in Las Vegas. That same day that news broke of their application, it was revealed that they wasted no time in getting married. According to TMZ, Stevie J and Faith Evans held an ceremony in a Las Vegas hotel. Of course, the showed their disapproval of the union, especially due to Evans’s previous marriage to The Notorious B.I.G. Stevie J is also the godfather to Faith’s son with Biggie Smalls, Christopher Wallace Jr. The then-couple addressed the somewhat overwhelming judge in a 2018 interview with Raquel Harper on Raq Rants saying that they are certain the slain rapper would have approved.

“I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy,” Stevie J stated. Additionally, Faith Evans added that although Stevie was close to them and had worked with Biggie Smalls, he was not in Big’s immediate circle.

The next few years in their union would see them out and about in the public eye. From watching his wife perform on stage at the 2018 Soul Train Awards, to interviews with various publications and media outlets, to reality shows, the Jordans made themselves and their love visible. Stevie even boastfully shared about their s-x life, telling PEOPLE they increased their inti-mate escapdes from three to five times per day. Perhaps they did this to bring another child into the fold, as they collectively had ten children between them. When it came to them having their own children together, the couple kept the possibility open, revealing that they were heaily pondering on the idea and perchance could use a surrogate.

Things soon went left when it was reported of a family dispute between the two, leaving Stevie J with marks and scratches. Numerous reports state that Faith Evans was detain following the altercation in 2020. Despite the reports, Stevie J exclusively stated to The Shade Room that he had no intentions of leaving her. ‘That’s my wife and I love her,” he exclaimed. “I’m not going anywhere!” The case would eventually be dropped as Stevie refused to testify against the singer.

Everything looked to be on the up and up with both sharing pictures of one another on social media along with touching love notes to one another in the captions. Not too long after their dispute and to prove that they were still solid, Stevie went as far as to get a gigantic tattoo of Evans on his midsection. After three years of love, marriage, and the ups-and-downs that come with it, it looks like Stevie J is ready to move on from the marriage. Multiple news outlets are reporting of obtained court documents filed by Stevie J at Los Angeles County’s Superior Court.

No reason for the divorce filing has been given, neither has any statement been provided by either party. This is the first divorce for Stevie J, however, the third for Faith Evans. Outside of being married to Biggie Smalls, she was married to record executive Todd Russaw from 1998 to 2011. Russaw also served as Faith’s manager.

While many fans weren’t surprised the marriage had come to an end, many were surprised it was Stevie J, filing the documents. “not he the one file,” one user stated with over 16,000 likes. Another fan congratulated Faith Evans on the divorce. According to sources, this is Faith Evans second divorce, and Stevie J’s first.


Amber DanielsPpl been against them since the start. I was hoping they made it. I love to see the underdog win. Prayers for a peaceful separation or that they can work it out.

Byron FaulknerI don’t believe that their relationship was genuine. I think they both were using each other to seem relevant in Hollywood. Faith Evans had to know what to expect from Stevie J and all his romantic entanglements.

All those baby mommas with kids and all Stevie J back owed child support had to play a factor on the family joint finances. She got tired of paying for everything let’s be honest.

James EvansI really don’t know why all these celebrities go out and date or marry other celebrities it will never work for certain ppl. They should find a normal regular person who works a regular I really don’t know why all these celebrities go out and date or marry other celebrities it will never work for certain ppl. They should find a normal regular person who works a regular job that will appreciate what he or she have. They will be the ones who will treat you like a queen or king. My opinion

John FoyI always said Stevie J wasn’t S-IT. Wanted somebody to take care of all those kids he has. Should have left that NIGGA right where he was at.