‘My 5-Year-Old Saw A Homeless Man On The Way Home. ‘I Don’t Have Any Cash On Me.’ And Then It Happened. Our Son Caused A Chain Reaction.’: Dad In Awe After Son’s Act Of Kindness


The inner voice of Justus’s father told himself “I almost messed up big time.” Justus a 5 year old boy did something that not only touched his father’s heart but also created a chain reaction. Justus and his father were returning from a dentist when they saw a homeless man at a red light.

Justus’s father wanted to help him but he was running out of cash. So he just waived at the man with a smile. However, Justus wanted to help the homeless man by parting with the 30 cents that he had in his pocket.

Justus’s father was amazed by Justus’s thought. He felt as if Justus has read his thought and responded it immediately. The father was glad that Justus had such a kind heart and wants to give whatever little money he has to help the homeless man.

Justus’s father thought while his little boy wants to give 30 cents to the man outside their car, it might be of no help for him. He was hesitant to handout 30 cents to him. He told to Justus “Let’s wait to give until we at least have one dollar.”

In a way he was almost telling his son that what he had and was giving was not enough. He thought so what he is telling his five year old son that what he sees as a good thing and is in fact a good thing, but it is not good enough to make a difference in this homeless man’s life. But then he realized the only hesitation between the kindness of his son and the homeless man was he himself. Justus father thought so what I am teaching my son is that pride is more important than helping someone who in need.

Also he noticed that in matter of few seconds the traffic light will turn green.

As he was thinking all this, he immediately changed his thought process and rolled down his window to give 30 cents to the man outside their car. Justus’s father told himself “Dude get over it. This is what we’ve been teaching him and now that he wants to give everything he has to offer at this moment, you’re going to let your personal self-centeredness ruin a great memory and solid teaching moment? Leading by example is what we’ve been teaching him, so now let him lead. Let him give what he can to this man…’ With the hope that the man would not get offended, Justus’s father handed over 30 cents to him.

He told him ‘I’m sorry man, I don’t have any cash on me, but my son back here wants to give you everything he has right now. He just turned 5!’ To his surprise, instead of getting offended by 30 cents, the man’s face lit up with smile and he thanked Justus and said “God bless you, little man! Thank you so much!” But this is not all, after people saw the act of kindness by Justus, many others rolled down their windows to give money to the homeless man.

Justus father was surprised, that people at this rush hour are not getting impatient or honking their horns. And even though the traffic light had turned green, people still rolled out their windows to help the man. The chain reaction created by Justus’s kind gesture was fascination. Usually every time Justus’s father was unable to shell out help to someone, he would check through his rearview that someone else will offer help.

Today he was glad that his own 5 year old son started a blessing.

He was even more delighted when he saw that it was not just few people who rolled down their windows, but many people rolled their windows and helped the homeless man. Justus’s father was having questions in his own mind, he thought “how foolish would I have been as a father, as a parent, to not have allowed my son to give because of my own insecurities or baseless embarrassment at that moment? Our little boy, without even realizing it, reminded me once again by his actions that it’s always about the heart.”

He thought “It doesn’t matter how much you have or how little; giving in love and sincerity will often bless others more than we think. What if I had let my pride or my silly little insecurity of only giving 30 cents stand in the way of that moment?” Justus’s father thought of the smile on that stranger was as bright as sun when Justus gave him 30 cents. He realized that it is not the amount, it is the feeling that matters. He was glad that both his son and the homeless man had big smiles on their faces. He was grateful to see the big smile on his baby boy’s face. Justus’s father told himself “I am just grateful that I didn’t fail as a parent in that moment.” I am thankful that he has my wife’s heart!”