This Couple Could Only Afford $1 Wedding In T-Shirts – Until Strangers Stepped In With Major Surprise – Video


Marriage of a young couple was celebrated all over the social media platforms as their marriage expenses were just $1. A couple from Kenya decided that they would not divulge into huge wedding ceremonies and straight away read vows and get in the sweet and blissful relationship of marriage.
Frugal Festivities.

In the year 2016, 27 year old Wilson Mutara, and 24 year old Ann Mutara had to postpone their weeding a couple of times. They needed to have at least $300 to have a decent wedding ceremony. They both tried to seek help from their friends and relatives. However they were unable to raise the required amount. At this point of time, Wilson’s brother suggested Wilson to save money and move in with Ann without getting married. Wilson is a self employed fruit seller. Both Wilson and Ann thought that it’s better to get into a permanent and a “blessed relation”. They decided that they will get married in 2017 and try to have a wedding ceremony with minimum expenses. They thought of seeking help from their community.

A sweet scene

With the help of local church, Ann and Wilson were able to cover the necessary expenses like marriage license. The couple decided to get married in casuals. They both wore jeans and T-shirts for the wedding ceremony. They skipped the unnecessary expenses like expenses like outfits for bride and groom, fancy decorations, cakes etc.
Exactly when it was time to exchange wedding vows, Wilson ran out to the street. Everyone at the ceremony was shocked to see. In matter of no time, Wilson returned back with a pair of wedding rings. The crowd present there cheered him as he pulled out the rings when the exchange of vows was going to start.

Positive Impact

Wilson and Ann’s wedding story was shared on social media and it gained a lot likes and shares.

People were impressed and left positive notes on their story. One user wrote “Who said we have to complicate marriage ceremonies with huge budgets?”

Another user on a social media platform wrote “This is impressive. The most important thing is the marriage, not the wedding.”

One user said “Their wedding had nothing, but their marriage will be beautiful,”

Having such positive feedback, Ann was touched, she said “I believe money should not stop young people like us from getting married. If people love each other and want to marry they should.”Both Wilson and Ann were happy with their sweet wedding ceremony and so were the people who read their story. Many people were touched by their story and sent them gifts. They even got a five day honeymoon trip from a travel agency.

Marriage is Bliss

The wedding of Ann and Wilson proves that marriage is about the love that two people share. It has nothing to do with fancy things and marriage is life long relationship of two individual’s. It is all about taking care of family and respecting one another. There is nothing more fascinating than love in marriage. More than the fancy cakes and decors it’s the wedding vows and love that is more inspiring.