Ceaser Emanuel Shades Jada Pinkett Smith With Meme: “I Want A Wife But Not The Kind Will Smith Got”


Jada Pinkett Smith has been on the receiving end of a lot of jokes after her recent ‘Red Table Talk’ episode, in which she discussed her and husband Will Smith’s bedroom life, made headlines. Jada and Will trended after people on social media reached the consensus that she must get some pleasure from emb-arr-as-sing Will by talking about their relationship struggles publicly (i.e.

Jada’s sc-andal with August Alsina).

While some people have made her out to be a hero, many others have villainized her.VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel apparently belongs to the latter group. He shared a meme to his Instagram story shading the actress and her husband. It read, “I want a wife but not the kind Will Smith got! Take ya time God!” While some people joined Ceaser in the laugh, others felt he was the wrong messenger to share that joke.

“Bro got no room to talk,” one Roommate said. “Pot meet kettle. Buenos noches,” another Roommate wrote. But there were some Roommates who decided to use the opportunity to roast Jada.

“Jada shoulda just sat there & ate her food. That relationship went from GOALS to a mockery real quick,” a Roommate said. Last week, Jada’s RTT episode featured a conversation about marriage and maintaining a happy s-x life with guest Gwenyth Paltrow.

During the episode, Jada used the word “hard” to describe maintaining a good s-x life after 22 years of marriage to Will. Jada didn’t like the narrative being shared online and clapped back via Twitter.


Lando_CalrissianDon’t put that on God. You’re going to meet women like Jada (95%) all the time, you are not supposed to marry them.

D HowardFor sure, I was married to a damn cupie doll, all she did was run to her ma-ma, on everything that went on in our house. I was married to both of them, I also had to divorce both of them.

busyrandAs someone who was raised in a married, traditional, two parent household I plan to do the same thing for my children.

Sadly, all but 3-8% of sistas have disqualified themselves for such a thing…. Oh well…

Stevey J – What’s crazy is these women will also have the children taking their side in this one sided disrespect

Mr. DonIronically, women with ink are one of the biggest red flags. They’re usually like Jada or worse. Before anybody says “not all women with ink are like that”, I know that. But, a woman having a lot of visible tattoos says something about her, and it’s not positive.

Source: theshaderoom.com