Comedian Kountry Wayne Reveals He Pays All Bills For His 5 Baby Mamas Even While They’re Dating Other Men – Video


Co-parenting situations are always unique, and recently a lot of Hollywood people have been opening up about their special arrangements and how they keep the peace while raising kids. For some, there are very strict rules and promises they make to one another to ensure their cooperation and that their kids have the best environment to grow up in.Comedian Kountry Wayne recently stopped by the breakfast club.

While there, he discussed his arrangement with the multi-mothers of his kids. During his stand-ups and sketches he’s been very open about taking care of the mothers of his kids financially and paying all their bills.

Angela Yee was curious about this arrangement as it pertains to the women dating other men. She asked, “when it comes to your children’s mothers because you take care of things, is it ok for them to date other guys?” He was initially taken aback by her response, joking that he was going to have to take his hoodie off because the questions were getting “hot.” “My baby momma can get anybody they want.

I’m still gonna pay bills,” he responded. “They can stay there. That [has] happened before.”

When asked if he gets jealous, Wayne seemed super confident as he joked that the girls get jealous of him and that even though they can date around, they’d never find another Wayne. “It’s hard for me to get jealous. [maybe] back in the day when I was young. I’ve seen my baby mothers with other guys after I left them. I want them to live their best life cause I’m damn sure gonna live mine. I pay their bills and everything. But it’s hard to find another Wayne.”

Kountry Wayne’s situation is truly a unique one, but he is not the only one of his kind. In the spirit of unique co-parenting dynamics, Wayne Brady recently revealed that he would be helping his ex-wife Mandie Taketa and the mother of his 17-year-old daughter raise her new baby with her new boyfriend, Jason Michael Fordham. The family was already under scrutiny for quarantining together. The dynamic might seem strange to some, but Brady and Taketa, who divorced in 2008, have remained best friends and neighbors ever since in the interest of raising their daughter. It’s gone so well for them that when Taketa and Fordham welcomed their new song Sunny, they asked Wayne Brady to step in as his Duncle (Daddy-Uncle).

Another couples who seem to have their co-parenting under control are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. The pair have managed to successfully raise their twins despite being separated for a while now.

Nick has father five other children and seems to find time for all of them actually. When recently speaking on twins Roc and Roe, he discussed how he and Mariah agreed on a no-phone policy for them until they felt they were old enough to handle googling their parents. He did eventually break this rule, buying them both cellphones for their 10th birthday.


Betty RocIt may be easier for him to pay household bills instead of paying child support for each kid. Instead of him splurging on material things he rather support the kids household ….makes sense to me.

Angenita WilliamsHe understands the assignment. Whatever is good for the children to be comfortable, he’s going to do.

Taking care of the mother keeps the kids comfortable and happy. Mom isn’t stressing about how things will happen for the kids, and he supports her. It’s about the kids. I can respect that.

Ni ModlPersonally as a woman, as long as you take care of your kids I’m good. I can provide for myself just make sure your kids are good because you help me make them thats it.. I’m not the type that’s OK with not working. Always have your own money. The bucket may run dry lol so always be prepared.

Mimi Hustlehard HillsmonAll the women that don’t want to work and pay their own bills thinks he’s the best. His responsibility is those kids not your bills. If your baby daddy has to pay your bills let the kids live with him then. That’s why these women making a career out of having babies. GET A JOB!!I see as long as a man is a sucka he’s a good man.