Mom Meets 911 Operator Who Helped Deliver Her Baby At Home – Video


Keri Michaels is a 911 telephone dispatcher who usually never gets to see the people she helps but she had her first experience when she got to meet Samantha Lockchartand her 8-pound, 5-ounce cute baby boy face-to-face recently. Samantha, a mother of four from North Carolinacouldn’t stop her happiness when she finally got a chance to meet the operator who talked her through her delivery.

Last month Samantha who was then already a mother to three, woke up at 3:30 am in the morningand realized her water had broke.

Her fiancé couldn’t be there as he was away at work. She knew she was very close to delivering her baby, Avonte. Helpless, she couldn’t think of anything else but dialing 911. Her call was received by dispatcher Keri Michaels who eventually calmed her through the entire delivery. In an interview with Good Morning America, Michaels told how Samantha had called early morning and was struggling to breathe.

Michaels then made multiple attempts to understand her address since she was struggling to make herself clear.

Samantha then informed her that was pregnant and then proceeded to groan loudly in pain. Michaels said she then realized that the woman was in labor and the child might come out anytime. Within a few minutes she heard the baby cry. In the 911 call recording Michaels was heard talking to Samantha throughout the delivery trying to calm her down until she received help. Samantha also told how Michaels tried her best to keep her calm and not freak her out and went on to say “she was definitely amazing.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She further added on how she felt like Michaels was sent by God himself as a help to tackle the situation and how she walked her through the whole process. While Samantha couldn’t help stop thanking Michaels for being there for her that morning, they both confessed to the fact that the incident would always remain an unforgettable one.