16 Everyday Things Women Do That Are Major Turn-Offs For Men


1. Being self centred

The first mistake a woman can make is to be self consumed. If you do not care about anything except you and your interests, it is very probable that men will be instantly turned off when they don’t receive adequate attention.

2. Not giving attention to his interests

Men don’t like it when women don’t pay attention to what they are passionate about. If you don’t take active interest in your partner’s passions, your chemistry is likely to wane.

3. Forgetting to give space

Men hate it when they are suffocated in a relationship. Give your partner the space he needs to follow his interests and just take time off.

4. Spending a lot of time with other guys

Men are bound to get jealous and turned off if you spend too much time with your guy friends. It’s important to consider men’s feelings and insecurities when deciding who to spend time with.

5. Jealousy

Men don’t prefer women who are excessively jealous and uptight. If you nit-pick every move your partner makes, then he’s bound to be fed up.

6. Picking fi-ghts over small issues

If you are one to keep picking up fig-hts over small things, men will get irritated soon, and prefer to keep their distance from you.

7. Always being crit-ical

Your partner won’t like it if you tend to always be pessimistic and cr-itical of everything he talks about and likes.

8. Snooping

The one thing men hate more than anything is spying and snooping. If you secretly check your partner’s phone everytime they are out of the room, it’s time to reconsider the habit.

9. Being unaware and uncritical

Men like women who are well informed and aware, as well as presentable. Ignorance won’t lead you anywhere with men.

10. Gossiping too much

Backstabbing, gossiping and hating on people behind their backs is a habit that will turn off many men. Be sure to stay away from it to keep your partner happy.

11. Not being success and goal oriented

If you’re not career oriented and always looking to move forward in life, you may not be ideal for a lot of men. Looking out for success and growth is very important and attractive to men.

12. Maintaining bad personal hygiene

Body odour, body hair and acne are some things that are universal turn offs for people. If you want to keep the spark going, keep up with the hygiene.

13. Not having a sense of humour

No one likes distant and boring people. If you can’t take a joke or share a laugh with your partner, your relationship is bound to suffer with time.

14. Giving a cold shoulder to friends and family

Always remember that being warm and friendly towards people that are important to men is important if you want him to have a nice perception of you.

15. Being on the phone/ distracted all the time

Being on your phone or being constantly distracted may make men think you are ignoring them or not showing enough affection. Sending the right signals is important to keep the relationship strong.

16. Not being straightforward

Men hate going on emotional rollercoasters. If you want to communicate something with your partner, keep it clear and straight, and he will appreciate it.