Amanda Oleander’s Drawings Showing How Real Love Looks Like – Video


Amanda Oleander, a Los Angeles- based artist, highlights 17 qualities of love through a series of paintings. The paintings seek to demonstrate the theme that love means acceptance in totality. Your partner may suffer from body odour, pimples, body hair or even negative qualities. Nothing fazes you when you choose to love. You consciously choose to ignore your partner’s quirks and bad attributes and give them your commitment despite them.

Love celebrates peaks of triumphs and happiness as well as the nadirs of failures and despair. It is a constant feeling which continues unabated.

1. If you love someone, you love every part of them, even the hairy ones

2. Near your soulmate, you don’t have to hide your real emotions.

3. Random sniffs are the best.

4. You’re ready to do anything just to make your loved one smile.

5. When you 2 are together, the magic appears.

6. Even a cold and stuffy nose can’t separate you from each other.

(7) Sharing stories about your scars can be a deeply bonding experience.

(8) When you can’t decide what you want to eat for dinner:

(9) Your house is full of hair, but you don’t even have a cat.

(10) Just eating together at home can turn into a date night.

(11) Love makes you feel comfortable everywhere.

(12) That time when you find a goodie and just can’t resist:

(13) Her hair vs His hair, in the morning

(14) With your favorite person, you can let your inner child come out.

(15) Even the smallest things can make you explode with love.

(16) No matter how different you are, you can still make a great match.

(17) You know that your body is not perfect, but you’re not afraid to show it anyway.

In our everyday lives, ladies often have partners, who forget to leave the toilet seat up, take out the garbage or do not help in household chores. Instead of the situation degenerating into a bitter f-ight, loving partners settle for a mutual compromise. Through all the petty irritants, love’s lamp keeps b-urning bright. Love does not call for expensive presents or a lavish lifestyle. Sharing simple things in life make love wondrous. You can share your inner self and expect total acceptance from your loving partner. Love does not mean that you are blind to your partner’s faults but that you accept them wholeheartedly, despite the negative qualities. Being with your loved one gives you a sense of calm, peace and happiness.

True love means acceptance of your partner without trying to change them or mold them to your specifications. Love means recognizing your partner’s fears and insecurities and trying to provide support to them. Love is working through all the challenges that confront you in life. Your combined experience of life’s travails only makes your love stronger. Your differences and bad hair days do not weaken the mutual love you feel for your partner.

Love grows strong only when you mutually work at it.