Christmas Advert Season Is Here! Disney Unveils Its Touching Animated Tv Spot About A Stepfather Navigating His First Festive Season With His Partner’s Children – Video


Disney recently launched its Christmas 2021 advertisement ‘the Stepdad’. The heartwarming story is sequel to the Disney’s short film ‘Lola’ that was released in 2020. ‘The Stepdad’ sees Nicole being grown up and her two kids Max and Ella together with their new stepdad Mike. This year’s Christmas is the first Christmas that Mike is going to spend with his partner and her kids.

The center of the story is the ‘Disney’ book which has stories and pictures of Disney and Pixar characters. The ‘Disney’ book is with Max given to him by his birth father and each time Nicole reads out a story to Max and Ella, the characters from book lift out by the magic of tales. The advertisement that runs for three minutes has the track “Love Runs Deeper” performed by Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter.

The ad supports the ‘Make A Wish International’ charity that provides help to the children. The ad celebrates the festive retail campaign ‘From Our Family to Yours’.

The advertisement begins with Mike and his dog moving out of his apartment and they move into Nicole’s home. Mike meets Nicole’s children, Max and Ella, and they all enjoy the evening together. Later Mike sees Nicole reading the ‘Disney ‘book to Max and Ella at the bedtime.. As Nicole reads the story, the characters of Mickey and Minnie start to float around the kids as they come out of book in their animated form.

The story then depicts the family enjoying happy moments together and Mike reading out the story from the Disney book to Ella. However the characters from story would not come alive. As the Christmas approaches together the family prepares a gingerbread house. However in jiffy to save the gingerbread house from his dog, it falls off from Mike’s hand leaving Ella and Max sad.

Max and Ella are in tears as they run out of the kitchen. Later at night, Mike decides to make it up to the kids. He stays up at the night.. In the morning when the kids come out they are in sad mood, but then their eyes immediately sparkle up as they see a beautiful gingerbread house in front of them. Mike was awake in the night and had prepared the gingerbread house for his family.

The whole family is happy together again and Mike gets hugs from Ella and Max. From here on, whenever Mike reads the Disney book to the kids the characters came to life.

Disney says “The book celebrates how the power of storytelling can deepen family bonds, and the magic that reading together creates as stories from Disney and Pixar lift off from the pages igniting the family’s shared imagination and wonder.” From the year 1980, ‘The Make A Wish’ charity has helped over 145,000 wishes across the globe.

Instead of having dialogues, the advertisement includes the track ‘Love Runs deeper’. The track depicts the love of the father, Mike, has for his new family. The track was written by Austin Zudeck, Justin Thunstorm and Dewain Whitmore of PARKWILD.

Gregory Porter said “The lyrics of the track are so powerful and underline that behind everything there is love.” He said as soon as he read the first line itself, he was touched by emotions in it. He said “When I read the first line of ‘Love Run Deeper’, When you open the door, I will be standing there, I was truly moved by its emotion and storytelling.” “I knew I needed to be involved with this campaign and support Make A Wish.” He added.

“Love Runs Deeper” is available to download from various platforms and all the proceeds earned till 31st December, 2021 will be donated to ‘Make A wish International’. Disney intends to support of about $2m to ‘Make A Wish International’ and its associated affiliates. The support will include financial donations, earnings from the media and gifts in kind. This will help ‘Make A Wish International’ to achieve their objective to grant wish to every child who needs it.

Shop Disney will also have new soft toy, Skating Minnie Mouse, inspired from the advertisement for sale. One can also find the Journal exclusively at the shop Disney.

The advertisement interestingly also features a lot of hidden ‘Disney’ and ‘Make A Wish’ Easter Eggs. The ad also includes artworks of two kids who are being supported by ‘Make A Wish.’ One of the artwork is the picture of a ‘cheetah’ that is there on the fridge. This cheetah artwork is done by Dylan who is just 13 years of age. Dylan had a wish to become an animator. The charity fulfilled his wish with Flux animation Studio.

‘We’re delighted to once again support long term charity partner Make-A-Wish through our Holiday campaign.” SVP Disney EMEA Tasia Filippatos, said. She says “Reading together can be a truly magical experience and our advert celebrates this age-old tradition and the wonder and imagination it inspires. We hope the story will resonate with anyone who has seen the magic “lift off the pages” of a book through the eyes of a child.’

Make a Wish International, President and CEO, Luciano Manzo said “We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Disney and are delighted to be a part of this year’s festive campaign.”

This pleasing and heartwarming advertisement was conceptualized and produced by the in house creative team of Disney EMEA. It has been made under the leadership of Angela Affinita, Director of Brand Marketing and Creative, in association with Flux Animation Studios, New Zealand.