16 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

In the past decade we took more photos than ever before. Smartphones, GoPros, and affordable cameras made documenting our environment much easier and cheaper. Often, you have an idea in your head how your photo should look like. But when you snap it, you realize you didn’t time it right. However, there are occasions when everything falls into place, and you manage to get the most fantastic photo without even realizing it.

That’s exactly what happened with the following photos. Let’s take a closer look.

1. “Interstellar” Universe

A library from outer space. How otherworldly! It looks just like Interstellar. Do all libraries look like this? Maybe we should’ve visited them more often. This sure makes Arthur’s saying, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card” even more true.

Can you believe this cool image is the result of library shelves being empty? People must be hit-ng up libraries a lot these days!

2. Rock On

Four people drinking tiny bottles on a hike isn’t super out of the ordinary—right? We see three hands and four bottles. Who’s holding the fourth one? It must be a ghost. While a ghost would be cool, there’s actually a fourth hand that’s perfectly blended in with the rocks. You may even say it’s camouflaged. They picked the perfect day to wear camo. Do you see it yet?

3. Samara from “The Ring”

Yet another photo that’s giving off total horror movie vibes. Doesn’t she look like Samara from The Ring? She sure has us fooled with her long, dark hair. What we can’t seem to figure out is where the hand on her back is coming from.

4. Very Puddling

What a beautiful photo taken on top of a rock in a national park with the stunning greenery shining through. Upon closer look, you may see it’s a bit too glossy to be that.It’s either a rocky pond with clear water that allows you to see the algae and moss at the bottom of it or a puddle. While we’re leaning toward the former, we’ll let you decide.

5. I’ll Save You

Oh no! This person looks like they’re falling right off the cliff. If only their friend could’ve grabbed onto their arm and pulled them back up. Or maybe he threw him off the edge? That may explain why he doesn’t look like he was even trying. These friends had us worried, but is seems like they’re just having some fun. We see what they did—they flipped the photo to make it look more dramatic.

6. The Leaning Building

Yikes! What happened to the building? Why is it leaning to the side? Did someone build this house like that? If you thought getting out of the bed in the morning was difficult, think about trying to make it out the door of this house without falling over. Turns out this photo was taken in the hills of San Francisco. Imagine having to walk up this hill in the dog days of summer.

7. Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Wow! This quilt is making us feel all sorts of ways. When you jump into bed do you fall right into one of the boxes? Scary! This confusing image is actually just the amazing work of a knitter who made a 3D blanket. The colors and pattern really make the bedding look like an optical illusion. It’s pretty cool. But we’re still not sure we’d want to have this on our bed.

8. Elastagirl

What in the what? What happened to this poor woman? Where are her limbs? We know commutes to work can be long, but it appears this one took forever. And we thought our drives to the office were bad! Luckily, the woman probably has all the bones still in her body—she’s just sitting down and hidden by the girl in the yellow top. Turns out the light pink dress is just a jacket laying over the suitcase.

9. Keep Off the Grass

A green grass orb right in the middle of a busy park—cool! How did the people get all the way to the top and how are they balancing so effortlessly on the spherical object? And then there’s the trees planted on it.

This is just so trippy! It’s amazing what shadows, angles, and perspective, can make us see. We’re actually just looking at a patch of flat grass in the middle of cobblestone.

10. A Cat or a Bird?

Do you know the optical illusion with a young woman and an old woman? What about the one with a rabbit and a duck? This photo is totally giving off those vibes. Do you see a crow or a cat? Well, there’s no mistaking this one—it’s actually a black cat looking up at us with one of its ears and eyes blending into its body. We’re not going to lie—we totally saw the bird first!

11. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Why are there just floating arms and legs, but no bodies or heads posing in the sand? We see four arms and two legs, so what happened to the rest of the body parts? This looks like it’s the work of a serial ki-er or it belongs in a haunted house. Either way—it’s creeping us out! It’s actually just two people holding a mirror. Do you see it yet?

12. A Womannequin

At first glance it looks like this girl has a short torso and she’s showing a bit of skin while shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. We all know the struggle of finding a pair that hugs our cu-es perfectly! But the double denim girl is just resting her arm on the lower half of a mannequin.

Which begs the question—where’s the upper half of it? If you look closely, you can see her legs behind it.

13. Paranormal Bar

There seems to be some paranormal activity going on in this bar if you ask us. Just look at this girl! She seems to have two faces, simultaneously browsing the drinks on the menu while scanning the crowd around her. Our guess is that she is wondering why everyone else seems so scared when catching sight of her.

14. Gym Goals

If you lack the motivation to go to the gym, just look at this photo. This woman clearly put in the hard work and has the perfect biceps to go along with her body. So what’s stopping you from hitting the gym? Jokes aside, this is a great example of how photos can be deceiving. Only when you look closely do you realize that those biceps belong to someone else altogether. Still, you should definitely work out.

15. The Headless Rider

OMG! You’d have us believing this was a scene straight out of a horror film. What on earth happened to this subway rider’s head? We’ll admit it—it took us a while to make sense of this creepy photo. Do you see it yet? What looks like the person’s collar is actually just a man wearing a black hooding, leaning to the side.

What an illusion! Imagine looking up from your phone on your way home from work and seeing this.

16. A Day to Remember

These two women decided to take a photo together, looking forward to see the result. They sported a big smile, expecting the photo to capture this sweet moment in time. However, things didn’t turn out exactly the way they pictured it. The person who took the photo decided to play with the angles and made the left girl look like she had huge hairy arms. Not cool, man. Not cool at all.


ScarabChrisCome on those cars have to be owned by the same person and bought at the same time.

The odds of this would have to be in the millions. At the very least, both number plates were ordered at the same exact time. That I can see two different cars having the plated one number off. But identical cars too? Both cars had to be bought and or registered at the same exact time and that being the case both people were at the Audi dealer buying the cars on the same day and both registrations would have had to be generated at the same time. I have seen this before on fleet vehicles. 3 white Ford trucks parked at a business, all identical trucks and the plates one number off. Business bought all three trucks at the same time.

Jinky JinkayI never seen a white crow or mayne it photoshoped and painted but if it’s real this is quite rare

SoulMy dad was the firefighter in this picture we moved to Peru a few years back and he was there to put out a fire that ex-ecuted 2 people

Source: everydaymonkey.com