Model Exposes ‘Realities Of Being A Black Model’ In Video: ‘Please Hire More Black Artists’ – Video


British model Leomie Anderson shared a video on social media on the pitfalls that she face being a model of dark skin tone. The video was released after the bad experienced for makeup and hair during the New York Fashion Week. In the video Anderson highlighted that the hair and makeup artist hired were not talented enough to handle dark skin color.

The video has been breaking the internet and has so far got over 270,000.

Anderson said since the makeup artists didn’t know how to fix makeup in a proper way on her, often they would ruin her entire look. She posted an image of herself in which she stated that the makeup was done by the makeup artist. She also posted a video of herself in which, she had herself done her makeup.

There was striking difference between the makeup done by the artist and the one she did herself. Definitely the makeup that she had done herself was more professional and she looked stunning. Anderson captioned the video with “And this is why I carry a full makeup kit wherever I go for work.”

The text on video that has garnered over 60k likes read “The realities of being a Black model during fashion week. I asked who could do Black makeup. Why do I look like I work in the mines?” Once the makeup artist was done doing Anderson’s makeup, she told him this is not what she would look in the makeup. She wrote on the screen of the video, “I told him this wasn’t my (color). He is trash.” Anderson also had a difficult time with the hairdressers as they were unable to style her natural hair.

She said she was even told to wash her hair on her own. She said “No one dried it until the last minute,”

She said another makeup artist tried to fix the messed up makeup. But when that also did not work, Anderson gave up on the artist and did her makeup on her own.

Anderson posted a video of her walking on the ramp. She looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous and different from the look that was given to her by the makeup artist. “Yes I ate it up like I always do. But by the time I walked down the runway I wanted to go home.”, she wrote.

Anderson called on the industry and said that they should get more black hair and makeup artist.

Anderson has walked on several ramps and has worked with brands like Marc Jacobs and Victoria Secret. She feels that even after being a part of the fashion industry, she is does not have a right makeup artist and hair stylist. Models have to get their own stylist and makeup experts. A lot of people who saw Anderson’s video said they could connect with her feelings. One user wrote “It’s unbelievable that professional makeup artists don’t carry makeup for all skin tones! Ridiculous! You should be paid more for your inconvenience!” Anderson replied, writing, “Oh no he had it, this is just what he chose to do with it.”

Another user said “How is it even allowed for Makeup artists/hairdressers to be considered qualified if they can’t work with all skin tones/hair types? I just don’t get it.” A user on TikToker said brands’ attempts to be inclusive were only performative.

“This just goes to show that recent brand campaigns for ‘inclusion’ [are] just for show so they won’t be canceled. None of the work is actually being done,”