Grandpa Writes Powerful Letter Disowning Daughter After She Ki-cked Her G-ay Son Out Of The House


What inspires us, could be anything even just a random letter. How can a single letter inspire us? Well, a letter with powerful words that can bring turmoil in our orthodox thought process, change our beliefs, questions us are doing what is right ? as a matter of fact are we thinking right. This letter was written eight years ago by a grandfather to his daughter to “find her heart” when she kic-ked out her son for being g-ay.

Pouring his heart out trying to make her understand her responsibility towards her son, the letter unfolds a splendid and righteous thought.

This grandfather which every grandchild would be luckiest takes in his grandson to fulfill his responsibility towards him, which his mother has failed to do because she chose to be narrow-minded and orthodox. Even though he is not from this “age” of the modernized society where has been normalized, he doesn’t think his grandson is a shame even if his own mother thinks so, the only thing he cares about is his duty towards his grandson, and advises his daughter to do same, changing her view when she thinks her son being is “abominable”.

Nobody is born g-ay, nobody is born abnormal and nobody has asked for it; we all are born to be human. We are the way we are and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s the choices we make to treat others, what we choose to believe of what is right and wrong. This intelligently written letter questions our deeds and our so-called beliefs of being morally right. Everybody has a right to live with his or her choices, without being judged by others and it’s my duty to look at things the way they are and accept everyone in their own way.

The things which you think to be flawed might not be flaws, those might be the things that make that person different. Every time you look at a person with questionable thoughts try and fit yourself in the shoes of that person and think what would you feel about being judged for things you didn’t ask for. Let your heart be an eyeopener, not some orthodox idea of yours which make you a narrow-minded person, so “LET YOUR HEART BE AT THE RIGHT PLACE”.