Meet The Ethiopean Boy Who Rocks The World With His Rare Blue Eyes – Video


A young Ethiopian boy, Abushe has captured the attention of photographers around the world, because of his startlingly beautiful rate blue eyes. His blue eyes make him extremely unique in Ethiopia, but it was actually because of arare condition, he was born with. Abushe has had a condition known as Waardenburg syndrome since birth, where a melanin gene mutation affects the pigment development of the eye color.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine, Abushe’s condition is found to be extremely rare and affects only 1 in 40,000 people only.

At the time of birth, looking at his eyes, his parents were afraid, that he might be blind, but since they were extremely poor, they were not able to diagnose otreat him. Later, when they realized, that Abushe can see, his parents know about his rare condition and regarded it as a “Gift from God.” In 2016, Abushe met a French photographer Eric Lafforgue and came to internet fame, while Abushe was living in Jinka, southern Ethiopia, with his grandparents in a small hut.

At that time, he was provided with food from a generous patron of the restaurant, which was located opposite the slum and could attend school as well. Later, Abushe and his grandmother lost all their possessions, when a fi-re br-oke out in the slum, but they were able to escape without any major wounds. Despite the mishap, Abushe was able to save his prize possession, a red football as Abushe’s dream is to become one of the famous footballers one day. His favorite team is Barcelona, and he takes every opportunity to watch their games.

When people around the world are in awe because of his stunning eyes, Abushe is often gets teased by his peers at school and even calls him with cruel names like ‘mon-ster’ and ‘plastic eyes’ sometimes. However, Abushe does not take intimidator to his heart and let them get him down, and continues to do what he likes to do and makes him happy, that is playing football.

Later in October 2016, Mike Eloff a travel blogger from Cape Town, South Africa on his 13-day expedition saw Abushe’s stunning eyes. He posted on his blog, “the blue-eyed child jumped on the foot railing of their vehicle and gave them a big smile.” He added, “He had blue eyes like I’ve never seen before in my life! They were like two tiny planets, with the friendliest face to go with them.”