The 5 Steps To Keep A Man In Love With You Forever


If you are looking for ways to make a man fall in love, you have landed on the right platform. Loving someone is a special feeling but can be hurtful if the one you love doesn’t think the same for you. Well, no need to worry because we are telling you the 5 magical steps which will make him crazy for you.

1. Don’t be desperate

Men tend to run away from those girls who are desperately to start a relationship with them. You know what it means that even if you are desperate enough to begin your love with him, don’t show it to him.

Show him that you are an independent girl and you can live without him- even if it’s not true at all.

2. Always be nicely dressed

Well, it doesn’t mean visiting the salon every day. Looking nice is all about neat and clean clothes and a good appearance. Men are always very conscious about the appearance of their partners, so If you want him, you also have to be the same.

3. Show him what all is common between you two

Find something that you both are interested in. Like, if he is a music lover and you are too, make sure to make him realize that you both share the same interests. But, don’t fake the interests only to make him happy. Find out something really common among you. It will last longer.

4. Try to stand out

Give him a reason to love you, don’t be a common girl. It doesn’t mean to overact or fake your personality but be different from other women. Don’t make him feel that you are like the typical woman whose world revolves only around makeup and outfits. Show him your bright side and how unique you are.

5. Compliment him whenever possible

The truth is men love to get praised more than women do. So, don’t let go of this golden chance. Always compliment him whenever you find him doing something he is good at. Complementing small things like changing the car oil or fixing an appliance can also make him very happy.


We know that you are eagerly waiting for him to fall in love with you, but you have to be patient enough. Give him time to feel connected with you and follow the steps listed above. You will gradually see a strong and unbreakable bond developing among you guys.