15 Most Hilarious Vacation Photo Fails


We all know the excitement and happiness of going on vacation. Packing our suitcase, getting away from it all, for a week or so in the sunshine and seaside, just relaxing our troubles away. But sometimes, even the best laid plans don’t work out so well—and these perfectly (or te-ibly) timed photos show the perfect example of that.

Let’s take a look at the most hilarious vacation photo fails.

1. Third Wheel

This one is so aw-kward, we could d-e. We all know those couples who just can’t keep their hands off each other no matter how public a situation they might be in. But what could be wrong with leaning over for a little smooch when you’re out on a couple’s horse ride adventure? Well there’s just the small matter of the horse handler, standing literally face-deep in the water, while you smooch above him.

Oh heaven help us.

2. Lean In

We love this modern and interesting spin on the classic age-old Leaning Tower of Pisa pose. We know that everyone loves to take a snap as if they are holding it up, but what about this hilarious bunch who have decided to climb it? It’s not exactly a fail, as the photo does work quite well, but we can’t bear to think what must have happened seconds after it had taken. We just hope she got down all right.

3. Caught in the Act

Look at this guy. At first glance we thought he was posing for just a very strange photo, but upon closer look, we see that he himself is in the process of creating his own photo, and this person happens to have captured him in the middle of doing it. Now we have this hilarious image of just a random man doing a surprise lunge into a pile of garbage. The stuff vacation dreams are made of.

4. A Thousand Times Yes

We all have quite strong feelings about whether it’s best to propose to your partner in public, or to keep it in a more intimate setting. Some people feel it’s unfair to do it in front of everyone, and others feel like it simply shows even more just how much you love them.

But whatever you feel, we don’t think anyone wants a random hippo photobombing their most romantic and special moment in their lives. Awkward!

5. Making Friends

While we do feel sorry for this poor woman, we can’t help but wonder just what she was expecting in this situation. Isn’t she on a safari trip? Isn’t she literally driving through an area where one might expect wild animals to frequent? And isn’t she literally holding some snacks in her hands that these exact said animals might be drawn to? Perhaps she just didn’t think that any of them would actually approach. Clearly, this isn’t the at-one-with-nature snap she was dreaming of.

6. No Regrets

Oh dear oh dear. Just how did this man let himself get into such a pickle. We never understand who these people are who decide to b-ry themselves in the sand, or do they get other people to do it for them? Perhaps he volunteered in an effort to make some friends, to show them what a good sport he was. Well, that worked out didn’t it. Look at all your new friends.

7. Me and Bae

Look at the pure love between the two subjects of this selfie. Often on vacation, the selfies and snaps can consist of the same people you went on the trip with on the first place—or the d-nk best friends you make in the bar toilets.

But for this lucky holidaymaker, she made a new best friend to pose with—in the form of this adorable turtle!

8. Division of Labor

We are all for a bit of reversed gender norms, but we can’t help but feel this pic is a bit weird. Why is this woman carrying all the bags and buckets (also why does she have buckets?) while this man is frolicking along beside her smelling a bit of lavender? Also what happened to his shorts? This picture really tells a thousand stories, we’d love to see a sitcom about these two.

9. Animal Lover

Everyone wants to take a flattering snap of them being all at one with nature and charming the local animals, a la Snow White in the forest. This gal probably wanted a cute pic of herself cuddling an alpaca, but she didn’t bank on this giant bird swooping in for an epic photobomb! I’ll-peck-er, he probably thought to himself. Geddit?

10. Au Natural

First the kangaroos, now the turtles. What’s next? These kids are getting the most awkward biology lesson of their lives!

11. Beach Buds

A little kid, a monkey, and a parrot are all chilling on a beach. It sounds like the opening line to a bad joke. But there’s no denying that this kid managed to get one heck of a souvenir photo from his vacation!

12. Cheese!

These two seem very happy to pose with their new stingray buddy! It’s nice to see that human-stingray relations are improving since the Steve Irwin incident.

13. Clumsy Parents

The mom looks scared, the dad looks like he’s about to d-e laughing, and the child looks like a football. These parents are never going to live this one down!

14. Snack Time

What’s funnier to you? The dad or the baby’s face? Kids don’t really need both hands, do they?

15. Jack, I’m–Ow!

They tried to recreate a famous pose for what would’ve been a great picture. Too bad this bird was the only one flying. Though, it wasn’t flying well, apparently.


Diane Casaburri D’OrlandoForty years ago we went to Jamaica on our honeymoon. Everyone told us don’t miss Dunn’s River Falls! One week before our wedding Jamaica got hit with the worst hurricane it had seen in decades. We get there and Dunn’s River is closed to tourism for clean up.

Erica MullinsWent to Mt Rushmore a few years ago. Waited patiently so we could stand in a great spot for a photo. Asked some other tourists to take our picture. As we were walking away I checked my camera. They took a nice close up of our family. No mt. Rushmore in the photo. We waited patiently again for the spot and when asking for help again we laughed as we explained what we wanted in the photo. Luckily we got a great one in the second try

Becky SteeleWent to Sea World in Aurora Ohio.

Saw an amazing water show, then toured the park. We loved the water show so much we were heading back for a second show when suddenly sirens went off, helicopters were overhead…..the boat in the water show cras-hed into the bleachers causing serious wound. Everyone was asked to leave the park immediately.

Hari NarayananBeing in NY metro area, we used to often take visitors to NY sightseeing. On that day, we went to Trade Center building, only to be told it is too foggy and if we still chose to go they won’t offer refund. It was an international visitor and so we thought the person may not get another chance. So we went up. Guess what, that was the last time we were up the WTC as well.

Source: yourdailysportfix.com