13 Famous People Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds


Haven’t we all made mistakes followed by regrets? These are also applicable to celebrities. Their one mistake leads their life into detrimental controversies. Their promising career ends and fame fades in a of seconds. These 13 celebrities have proven that creating an image takes ages but it can be crashed only in a few seconds.

1. Paula Deen

Paula appeared on the “Food Network” for several years. In 2012, Lisa Jackson filed a complaint claiming she regularly used ra-cial sl-urs towards African Americans and also used the ‘N-word’. Food network canceled TV programs and stopped selling her products.

2. Amanda Bynes

In her detain, claims were made regarding her offensive tweets about artists. It brought her career to an end. Her Twitter account was a reflection of her bipolar disorder.

3. Mariah Carey

Millions were watching her singing “Emotions” in a Live TV show. Suddenly her ear audio stopped working and she angrily walked out of the stage. So much angry emotions can be your enemy, Mariah Carey is an example.

4. Kanye West

Tweeting something offensive and controversial is what he is famous for. Though, it never affected his career but who knows. People believe he intentionally makes controversial statements when he has an album to promote.

5. Chris Meloni

He left Law and Order: Special Suffer Unit, without any notice. Later, the investigation showed that Meloni parted ways because producers declined him to pay more money.

6. Anthony Weiner

Youngest person to win a New York City Council seat mistakenly posted a picture on Twitter that was meant for a woman to whom he was s-xting. As a result, he ultimately resigned from the post.

7. Tonya Harding

She hired a hitman to break her competitor’s leg to get a better position in the national championship. $ 160,000 as a penalty and she was banned from the USFSA.

8. Tiger Woods

Dozens of women claimed to have extramarital affairs with him. All the Sponsors immediately cut ties with him after his acceptance.

9. Jared Fogle

A former spokesman in Subway restaurants. His involvement was discovered in s-x rackets. He was sentenced to 15 years of coustdy.

10. Ashlee Simpson

Her first album was a hit which resulted in Saturday Night Live. She was lip-syncing on the wrong song. Panicked, ran off the stage. Her career went down before it began.

11. Aaron Hernandez

He signed a contract with the New England Patriots of $ 41 million. His career ended in conviction for eliminated. He was sentenced to coustdy for the rest of his life.

12. Ryan Lochte

Earning in millions, Ryan in a spontaneous acci-dent at Rio Olympic 2016 was caught lying about being rob-bed. All his major sponsors cut ties with him.

13. Dixie Chicks

Their music was on top charts until 2002, when the lead singer made a comment on President George W Bush in a live concert. As a result, the music industry banned them.