11 Traits That Shows Your Girlfriend Is A High-quality Lady


Finding the right girl the first time is a lottery for a fortunate few, but most of us go through many relationships before hi-tting the jackpot. First, you need to know whether she is the one or not, and there are several signs which proves that she is. If your girl ticks most of the checkboxes listed below, you have got your woman!

1. She is a source of inspiration.

She boosts the good in you. Her presence in your life makes you a better person, and this reflects her good values.

2. She is not a player.

She is truly in love with you and always is real with you. She is not daunting and does not play unfair cards to keep you hooked or unnecessarily mess with you.

3. She puts in effort.

She understands that she is not the hub of the cosmos and never dictates your life on her terms. Instead, she puts in efforts day in and day out to be worthy of your love.

4. She is a strong woman.

A relationship is not a mandate to her. She is independent and strong enough to support herself. You are the LOVE of her life and not a NEED.

5. She is unfiltered with you.

She expresses her fears and shows you her vulnerabilities. She lets you see her best and her worst.

6. She is your support system.

She never obstructs you from working towards your dreams irrespective of the time or the number of efforts needed for its accomplishment but stirs you when you lose hope.

7. She knows the meaning of communication.

She knows how mature communications work and never speaks between the lines or leaves you with the ambiguity of her thoughts.

8. She is the permanent one.

She plans a future with you. She nurtures the relationship to make it an ‘always and forever bond.

9. She is faithful

A woman of a high quality loves unconditionally. Passionately. Infinitely. With forgiveness, respect, and acceptance of the true version of people around her. Her love is innocent. Pure. Real. Eternal.A high-quality woman chooses to be committed to one man. She is the woman of your dreams. She makes compromises. You can trust her.

10. She is ambitious.

She has goals to pursue and leaves no stone unturned to achieve those. However, she does not flow with the stream; she cuts the flow and marches towards her holy grail.

11. She loves you more than words can define.

She loves and cares for you in a way that no one ever has done. You need a partner who holds your hand in every situation of your life, and she is the one who will never give up on you.