12 Things You Should Discuss Before Getting Married


A lot of people think that being in love is all it takes for a successful marriage to happen. But this is not how a life is lived practically. Hence what couples actually forget to discuss is their expectations from the other partner after the marriage because it’s life, which always changes. Therefore before talking about those things we should know that what Marriage actually means?

Marriage to some means a formal and social union, to others legal contract between two which is both economically and emotionally and to many it is the beginning of a life-long commitment. But the most common mistake that is done by many couples is that they don’t discuss what they actually want their marriage to be like or how they imagine themselves in next 5 ,10 ,30 or 50 years being in that marriage.

Because it is them who have to live in that marriage with that very partner to make it a successful marriage. It’s only one thing which I could use to explain it further and much deeper is that think of a business partnership contract, the people entering that contract discuss their expectations, interests and their needs all within that contract. And only after both the parties agree with those terms and conditions, the contract is signed upon. Then I can’t even imagine how come such life long investment is done without discussing the needs and expectations.

Further to make it easy I am going to tell you about the most important 12 things that are needed to discuss for a successful marriage to happen. Starting with –

1. How to manage and combine Finances

2. What are your future dreams and plans

3. Your expectations regarding each other’s social lives

4. Where do you want to live

5. What is your health and mental health history

6. What are your deal b-reakers

7. How to s-plit our chores

8. How to save for retirement

9. What to do if you are unable to have kids

10. Family Planning

11. “What is your exact debt?”

12. “What do you consider c-heating?”