Cop Pulls Man Over And Checks His Car, Then He Tells The Man To Follow Him To Walmart – Video


LaVonte Dell saw po-lice lights flashing behind his car, he knew he going to be charged with a ticket. The 28 year, LaVonte was driving together with his 3 year old daughter who was at the backseat. LaVonte heart dropped when he saw the officer following him. Officer Joshua Scaglione pulled LaVonte and LaVonte knew this is not going to be easy.

He knew his window glass panes were tinted and his daughter was without a seat belt. He knew that he will be a getting a huge ticket.

With little funds what he had, ticket was the last thing LaVonte needed at this time. He was already struggling to keep up with expenses for himself and was unable to raise his child. Dell started to calculate how much ticket he would require to pay due to the dark tinted window panes in his car.

But to his surprise, instead of raising the ticket, Officer Joshua did something that really surprised and amazed LaVonte Dell.

LaVonte told to ABC News “The Officer told me why he pulled me over, which I had predicted, and then he also noticed my 3-year-old in the back wasn’t in a car seat. He asked me to step out of my vehicle to talk to him, and I was just so afraid, thinking this couldn’t be good.” This is when Officer Joshua did something that was least expected. Officer Joshua did not issue any ticket to LaVonte. Instead the Officer asked him to follow him to the local Wal-Mart. Dell was really surprised as the officer did not issue any ticket to him for the tinted window panes.

Although LaVonte was taken aback, he thought its best to follow the officer. At the local Wal-Mart, Officer Joshua proceeded to buy a car seat for LaVonte’s 3 year old daughter. For Joshua it was better if the little girl would sit in the ‘car seat’ than to sit anywhere in the car. Joshua wants to ensure that the little girl is safe in the car whenever her father is driving her out.

Dell Said “He purchased one for me, and it was pink, which is my daughter’s favorite color. It has butterflies, and she loves it.” This heartwarming gesture is truly admirable and this shows the compassion this officer has in heart for the kids.