13-Year-Old Boy Uses His ‘Make-A-Wish’ To Feed The Homeless For A Year: ‘It Warms Our Hearts’ – Video


When the 13 year old Abraham came to know that he could get one of his wish fulfilled through the help of “Make A Wish”, he decided to help homeless. Abraham was diagnosed with a rare illness aplastic anemia in the year 2020. In this condition the body stops creating new blood cells. This result in fatigue and tiredness in body and some kids are prone to more infections.

Abraham underwent a recovery procedure and was later told he qualifies to get one of dream fulfilled through the help of “Make A Wish”. Instead of asking for a video game or meeting a celebrity, the young teen opted to take care of homeless.

Abraham and his family have always been passionate about helping the homeless in their community in Jackson, Mississippi. As per the records of WLBT, Abraham and his mother Miriam Olagbegi like to provide food to the homeless and needy people every month.

When Abraham Olagbegi was coming home together with his mother, Miriam, she asked about his wish. Miriam recalls “I remember we were coming home from one of his doctor appointments and he said, ‘Mom, I thought about it, and I really want to feed the homeless.”

Without thinking too much and without a blink of an eye, Abraham knew what he wanted from “Make A Wish”. He knew it is important for him and his mother. Miriam further said that she asked her son, if he was sure about his wish. She said “I said, ‘Are you sure Abraham?” You could do a lot… You sure you don’t want a PlayStation?” With the help that Abraham got from “Make A Wish” foundation, Abraham was able to provide food to 80 people around Jackson area.

Abraham told the outlet “When the homeless people get the plate, some of them would come back and sing to us and thank us. And it just really feels good, it warms our hearts. And my parents always taught us that it’s a blessing to be a blessing.” Along with this “Make A Wish” foundation told Abraham that he would get help from them every third Saturday until August, 2022 so that he can provide them food.

Also Abraham got gifts from the “Make A Wish” foundation. The gifts include a new laptop, ring light, and microphone. All this will help Abraham to start a “YouTube” channel. Abraham also has set his eyes on starting a non-profit called “Abraham’s Table” that help him to continue his mission.

“We’re just very excited to be able to continue on this endeavor. It’s just so rewarding. If I was out there on the streets, homeless, I would want somebody at some point to think of me and to do something special for me. So, that’s what I try to instill in my kids and we just try to pay it forward, by doing what we were raised to do.” said Miriam.