9 Traits of Strong Women That Most Men Can’t Handle


What makes a strong woman? Among other factors, her struggles, sacrifices, and selflessness play a huge part. A strong woman has endured pain, overcome heart-wrenching experiences, and has allowed herself to be led by forgiveness.

A strong woman has swum in deep and treacherous waters and held her breath as long as possible.

This type of woman is self-sufficient, independent, loving, and has no fears of showing her vulnerability.

If the woman you love fits the above description, consider yourself privileged. The strong woman knows that one moment you are the teacher, and the next you might be the student. She understands and is okay with this, but sometimes the man in her life fails to share this understanding. So, how does a strong woman keep a man? Can you handle a strong woman in your life?

Here are 10 reasons why most men can’t handle a strong woman:

1. A strong woman doesn’t need a man to fight for her.

A man needs to feel wanted. He needs to know that he is battling for the eternal love and admiration of his woman. A strong woman will show you that she loves you, but she’s also independent and can manage on her own. The strong woman is willing to fight for both of you, but she doesn’t need a man to fight her battles for her. If she has a problem, she deals with it.

A strong woman doesn’t sit and wait, as a vi-ctim, for a man to find the solution. Some men can’t handle this strength. If you choose to remain with this type of woman, be willing to walk beside her . not in front of her, pulling her to where you think she should be.

2. A strong woman knows what she wants.

Strong women know what they want, how to attain it, and remember all that they had to endure to get whatever they have. A woman like this knows what she wants. If she likes a man, she will go after him.

She will not wait for the man to make the first move. Strong women have tenacious personalities that can be extremely intimidating for some men. They aren’t submissive. They love wholeheartedly and also can continue exploring the world with a man or not. It takes a self-confident man to allow this type of personality to take charge.

3. A strong woman will require honesty and vulnerability.

Men have a hard time opening up to difficult questions. Strong women dive right into the depth of hurt, traumas, and life-changing experiences. They require a man who can be honest and vulnerable, because they have endured so much in their lives and want to believe they are not alone. They need to know that their mate can be available to navigate the ocean of uncertainties and travel the edges of madness.

Strong women don’t fear the past. They excavate and search for those things that make us human. The strong woman will always find a strong man to stand tall with her in the face of adversity. Men tend to avoid vulnerability because it makes them feel weak. If you want to gain the admiration of the strong woman in your life, do not fear moments of vulnerability.

4. A strong woman is not intimidated by intimacy.

The strong woman will challenge a man in the most intimate of ways. She will require intimacy in all forms, from conversation to making love. She will hold nothing back.

Because a strong woman is comfortable with her femininity, she will expect her man to also be open to all aspects of intimacy. She requires passion and desire; she wants to feel like she’s the one.

5. A strong woman can see through lies.

Strong women are honest and expect complete trust in a relationship. They can sense lies in an instant, so don’t try to sugarcoat a white lie. Don’t give the strong woman in your life any bogus explanations.

She has the ability to act as a human lie detector. Being in a relationship with a strong woman requires no holding back. She will never tolerate a sense of falseness and selfishness. If you can’t be with her completely, she will have no problem moving on.

6. A strong woman requires integrity and consistency.

Women who have inner strength cannot tolerate irregularity or indecisive personalities.

They want to know that the man they love has integrity and respect, and is a man of his word. If they start to feel that their man is pulling away, they will react accordingly and have no problem letting him go if they feel they are being played.

They want to feel like they are loved unconditionally. If they feel disrespected, they will have no issues setting that matter straight. The worst thing you can do to a strong woman is make her feel weak.

7. A strong woman is intense.

A strong woman has endured extraordinary challenges and obstacles in her life. In other words, she is strong for a reason, because she has had to be powerful during extremely dark moments. Having come through, she knows she can endure anything else in her path, but this kind of intensity is oftentimes difficult for a man to understand. It’s intimidating because of all the emotions and thoughts that come with this type of persona.

The strong woman is willing to share her scars, and expects you to do the same. There are no secrets in her world.

8. A strong woman will not wait for you.

This type of woman will follow you to the depths of h-ell if she knows you are committed to her. However, the moment you start to pull back, she will let you go. She will not wait for a man to decide if he wants her or someone better. Strong women don’t play little, girly games. You are either in or you are out. They will face hurt, heal from their wounds, and get back up ready to conquer whatever is next.

9. A strong woman will love you unconditionally.

The love you receive from a strong woman is faithful. Just like mothers with their children, the strong woman will nurture and love her man fiercely. When she feels that love in return, she will do anything she can to make him feel loved. The strong woman in your life will support you, help you, and fight for you to get what you deserve.

Some men can’t handle this kind of unconditional love. They get frightened by the intensity and depth of giving. Many times it is in this stage that men flee from a strong woman. If this happens, regardless of how deeply she loved you, she will also let you go. She knows her worth.

A woman who looks soft and gentle doesn’t mean that she is not strong and reliable. Sometimes, you have no idea what lurks behind a gentle and weak-looking woman. Every woman wants to grow up to be strong, and they want to be a desirable partner. However, as you grow and become a strong woman, some men may feel intimidated by you, or they just don’t know how to deal with you. Furthermore, as a strong woman, you will definitely want a man who can keep up with your pace, right? In today’s society, women are becoming more and more independent. They’re taking on more and more roles of leadership and authority in every sector. Anyway, here are ten signs you have become a strong woman that most men can’t handle.

You do not let people lie to you.

You are aware of your emotions and how they affect you.

You will not give respect unless you get it in return.

You can be a bit intense but in a good way.

You don’t let people change you.

You know how to forgive yourself.

You aren’t afraid to let people in.

You are not a fool and can deal with bu-llies.

You can take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

You are someone who chases goals and goes for your dreams!

Strong women find it hard to hide anywhere they find themselves because their aura speaks for them; they are always confident, bold, endearing, and energetic. They give a great vibe and self-confidence that you can spot from a distance away. This does not mean they are perfect, they also make mistakes, but they never allow mistakes to hinder them, so when they fall, they get up and keep pushing till they get the desired results. They know what they want in life, and they go full out for it, not depending on anyone for what she wants. Her self-confidence, drive, and ambition come from within, and she is certainly a force to be reckoned with.