9 Obvious Signs That He Loves You For Real


True love is Eternal, Infinite, and always like itself. When we fall in Love, Life seems to be filled with excitement and drama. We feel like the Leading Character in a Novel.

However, with the joyful relationship, there often arises a doubt, “Whether he loves me truly or not?” Well! Stop wondering and consider yourself lucky if you find these signs with your partner.

1. Always Makes time for you

Regardless of his busy schedule, he always finds a way to spend time with you. His schedule or routine always includes you.

These signify that he cares for you and you play important role in his life.

2. You are his top Priority

He will make excuses for his friends and spend time with you. He always puts you first on his priority list.

3. Doesn’t judge your behavior

People often judge others and make them feel uncomfortable. But your partner accepts the way you are. Even if you act a bit crazy, he doesn’t complain. He makes you comfortable and you needn’t change your nature to please him. This indicates he truly loves the true version of yourself.

4. Respects Your Opinion

Always values your opinion while taking important decisions. He values your opinion which denotes he values you.

5. Support Your Dreams

He always encourages you to do things that make you happy. He never pressurizes you to choose him over your dreams. He gives his best support to pursue your dreams.

6. Introduces you to his friends and family

He can’t wait to bring you into his lifestyle. He aspires to see you getting along with people in his life. He proudly introduces you to his friends and family. It shows that he is up to a long-term relationship and is sure about it.

7. Shows interest in the future with you.

Usually, Men don’t speak about their future plan, if he does then he is all yours. He discusses his future plans only when he wants you forever in his life.

8. He makes you feel safe and protected

Men are usually protective over their loved ones. He wants to be the prince who protects his princess. He makes you feel safe when he is around.

9. Helps you with your problems

He couldn’t bear to see you in a problem. He treats your problem as his own, he tries to solve your problem in the best possible way.