18 Female Instagram Influencers Who Rise Above The Most


Instagram has almost 1 billion monthly active users. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the world’s largest and most successful social media channels. Instagram influencer marketing is being used by brands and enterprises alike to build money-making initiatives, enhance brand awareness, reach more and more individuals in their target consumer base, and more.

Other people are now making money from the website. It’s no surprise that instagram is known as the “Home of social media influencers.” it seems strange at first unless you consider the success of instagram influencers. Particularly some of the female influences.

1. Selena gomez

She is well-known for her acting, music, and modeling, and she uses all of these talents to engage with her admirers on social media.

Maybe that’s why huge corporations are willing to pay her $800,000 for an instagram post. She is an artist, actress, and producer from the united states. She rose to fame on children’s television with barney & friends and subsequently with disney’s wizards of waverly place. She has around 216 million instagram followers.

2. Bella hadid

Bella hadid is the younger of the hadid sisters, yet she has not been overshadowed by her older sister’s celebrity. She is frequently used in instagram influencer marketing for several brands and has worked on multiple campaigns on her instagram platform, as well as with ralph lauren and michael kors. She currently has 39.6 million instagram followers.

3. Ashley graham

Ashely is a plus-size model from the united states who has always been successful in winning the hearts of millions of people across the world by expressing body love. She entered the fashion industry in 2001 after gaining recognition as a model overseas, and she has since been on the pages of numerous magazines, including vogue. She has about 12.1 million instagram followers.

4. Kylie jenner

People have recently said that kylie jenner is the most popular instagram influencer. D’marie analytics, a social media analysis agency (yes, they exist), calculated how much a brand gains from one of kylie’s postings that they promote. And keep in mind that only one of the posts financed by kylie’s ads is worth more than a million dollars. She has almost 221 million instagram followers.

5. Kendall jenner

Kendall jenner is a member of the jenner-kardashian families, which is sort of keeping up with the kardashians. She also happens to be the highest-paid female instagram influencer—she’s made $15.9 million on instagram. She makes more money on instagram than her billionaire younger sister kylie! She’s actually the third most paid celebrity on the platform overall. The two influencers above her are cristiano renaldo and lionel messi.

6. Amanda cerny

Actress amanda cerny originally became famous for her vines and comedy sketches on youtube. She was recently featured in cardi b’s music video alongside j balvin and bad bunny. Though her instagram following is enormous, she has also amassed 2.6 million subscribers on her youtube channel. She has around 25.1 million followers on instagram.

7. Carrington durham

American star carrington durham is best-known for her appearance on a 2012 talk-show, “teens wanna know.” she continued her acting career in 90210 as sara, also playing a notable role in the short film “10 seconds.” she’s currently playing the lead role in cbs’s mini-series “angels” while her instagram centers around photogenic selfies in picturesque locations, her 400,000 subscribers on youtube get to tune into makeup, fashion, and comedy videos. She has around 1.2 million followers on instagram.

8. Sommer ray

Sommer ray is an authentic instagram influencer who began her modeling career through instagram. She is a fitness model, and her alluring posts during her workouts and perfect body is the reason why she is so adored on instagram. Her major inspiration is her father, who also happened to be a bodybuilder.

At just the age of 23, she has become the face of multiple promotional campaigns on instagram. Currently, she has around 25 million followers on instagram. She has been successful in earning a net worth of $8 million owing to her perfectly attractive and a fitness freak feed on her instagram.

9. Sierra skye

Sierra skye is an american model who’s among the few models who gained success via instagram. Sierra first became the queen of instagram and receiving love from millions of fans across the globe; she got the attention of designers and started to take over runways. Sierra receives loads of love whenever uploads an instagram picture and has also been sponsored by multiple brands to launch their online campaigns.

She is a real instagram influencer. Sierra has more than 4.1 million followers on her instagram and has earned a net worth summing up to $3.5 million.

10. Madi edwards

Madi edwards is an australian model who is also an instagram model. She started modeling at 17, as a teenager. After a short period of time, her face could be seen on covers of magazines such as vogue. She has collaborated with multiple brands and designers and also owns a clothing line. Her net worth sums up to a figure of $500,000, and her beauty has got her more than 689k followers on her instagram.

11. Negin mirsalehi

Dutch blogger negin mirsalehi initially attracted attention on instagram, eventually developing her own blog style and youtube channel of 304,000 subscribers. Negin is also the creator of gisou hair and was illustrated in esquire in the line ‘people we love instagram.’ she also won a spot on the forbes 30 under 30 list for her social networking popularity. She has around 6.3 million followers on instagram.

12. Lily maymac

Lily maymac is a model and internet personality from australia. Her filipino heritage has contributed to her unique look, helping along her modeling career. She’s bright, too, working as a law clerk on the side. She’s best known for her makeup tutorials on youtube, which have racked up over one million views.

She has around 4.1 million followers on instagram.

13. Kelsey calemine

With model-like features, kelsey calemine gained the attention of a large portion of the internet. Her photos feature her current favorite fashion and hairstyles. Many compared her looks to that of actress lucy hale, who helped to further boost her popularity. The actress was surprised by the resemblance to the point that she questioned whether her features are photoshopped. She has around 2.8 million followers on instagram.

14. Courtney tailor

Courtney tailor is a famous american instagram personality, model, and actress who rose to popularity after cast alongside tyler hoechlin in the 2016 film everybody wants some!! When she was at the age of 13, she first started acting and film. She’s a certified personal trainer and ehp labs athlete. Courtney is also popular on instagram where she posts pictures or videos and has amassed more than 1.9m fans.

15. Demi bagby

After a freak cheerleading, demi was once worried she may never walk again. Her determination helped her overcome this daunting setback, inspiring a pursuit for a career in fitness. After becoming a crossfit athlete and ranking 23rd worldwide in her age category, she changed her focus to inspiring others to pursue their own fitness goals. In addition to her instagram, she posts encouraging and inspirational fitness videos on her youtube channel, which currently has almost 100,000 subscribers.

She has around 2.3 million followers on instagram.

16. Sammy robinson

Australian beauty guru sammy robinson is known for sharing makeup and hair tutorials on her self-titled youtube channel where she has accumulated more than 700,000 subscribers. So far, her “gigi hadid vma’s makeup look” tutorial has been the most well-received with nearly one million views. She has around 653k followers on instagram.

17. Luca whitaker

Better known for her youtube channel, luca whitaker posts fashion and lifestyle videos. Each week, her 270,000 followers watch her fashion haul videos and beauty routine tips. On her second channel, “luca’s life,” she moves to more laidback vlogs revolving around her normal life and travels. With 276,000 subscribers, she’s slightly more popular on youtube than on instagram. She has around 214k followers on instagram. For some added fun, her dad appeared in one of her videos in an episode titled “dad does my makeup voiceover!“

18. Gabrielle alexis

Practicing makeup application on yourself can be challenging, so makeup artist gabrielle puts the canvas within close reach—instead of drawing on her eyelids, she replicates the effects on her arms.

Since the age of 13, alexis has been practicing drawing realistic eye makeup looks right on her arm. Her three-dimensional makeup art has improved her makeup skills and earned her plenty of attention on instagram. She has around 1 million followers on instagram.