12 Types Of Men You Should Totally Avoid Dating


There are lots of beautiful women who are not happy in their relationship and feel t-oxic every now and then due to their wrong choice. Well, most of the girls choose their partners depending upon their physical appearance and not on the basis of their heart, behavior, and personality. And this is the only reason why you might not be happy with him.

Therefore, to avoid such problems, let us discuss 12 types of men you should not date at all:

1. Scared of Commitment

There are times when you find a guy absolutely attractive when it comes to physical appearance, but they are not committed in a relationship. Nobody wants a man who is not daring enough to commit something and hence women need to shift their focus from men’s appearance and get to know him as a person.

2. The man who stinks

It goes without saying that a man with an unpleasant smell can’t be tolerated at all and no girl would ever like a stinky person.

3. Selfish Guy

Love should always be selfless. If you are a person who is selfless in a relationship, the next person should always be the same. If the guy is selfish, then be prepared that this is not going to last long. Make sure you don’t be with a selfish man.

4. Irresponsible and Careless

Careless and untrustworthy men are not proficient enough to accept their own responsibilities. Such men are unbothered, thus you ought to try not to date them.

5. The faker

Well, everybody knows that a fake man can’t be loyal to you. Like we say prevention is better than cure, it is always suggested to avoid dating such men in order to not get c-heated.

6. Unsociable person

When a person is not social or friendly, you are really not going to enjoy his company at all.

7. The Jerk

Such men believe themselves to be better than women. They claim to be the best among others. You clearly don’t need such sort of individuals in your day to day existence thus, stay away from them

8. The F-uck Boy

Such men are simply focused on a physical relationship. They won’t ever be prepared for a long-time commitment and might leave you at any point in the near future.

9. The Childish Man

These men are juvenile. While they can make you giggle, they are not the right sort of individuals with regards to being seeing someone expecting responsibilities. They have an immature nature.

10. The Desperate Man

You can without much of a stretch come to know when an individual is frantic. Stay away from desperate men Because distress is far not quite the same as fascination.

11. Mr. Holmes Type

These are simply the folks who consider being smarter and savvy than others. They like to hots-hot their insight. They generally attempt to cause themselves to feel superior by letting others down.

12. Married Men

These are the kind of men who cannot be trusted even one percent. They are probably going to hurt you as they are already cheating someone else.