‘We’ve Looked For You For 12 Years.’: WWII Veteran Reunites With Little Girl Who Wrote Him Sweet Letter In 3rd Grade – Video


Frank Grasberger is a World War II veteran and has been through in a lot in his life. He received a letter from a 9 year old girl in which the little girl had thanked him for his services. Grasberger was touched by the kind letter. The letter has been Grasberger most prized possession. Grasberger was serving till the year 2009, when he received from thanking letter from the little girl.

Grasberger and his wife, Delores were moved by the letter and they wanted to find and thank the little girl who had sent them this sweet letter. However they were not able to get the contact details of the girls due to her school’s privacy policy.

The little girl’s school authorities agreed to take a thank you note from Grasberger and they handed over the same to the little girl. For Grasberger he was glad that even though he could not meet the little girl personally, at least she got his letter.

However, he still wanted to thank her personally and meet her. And from past 12 years Grasberger and his family have been searching for the girl.

Grasberger and Delores are now staying at Vitalia Senior Residences in Strongsville, Ohio. With help some outside people, they were able to search for their mysterious pen friend. After a bit on search on different social media platforms, resident services director of Vitalia, Jill Pwaloski was able to trace her. Frank still carries the letter with himself. He says “I’d never be without it,” Because it’s something that somebody thought of me that much.” Delores says, “When he had that letter with him, he has a feeling of faith, and trust, and love.”

The little girl now is 21 years old and her name is DeShauna Priest. She was taken by surprise when Jill reached her through social media. DeShauna said “I just started crying, I had to go and tell my mom.” The thanking note sent to her by Grasberger had reached her and the note had a huge impact on her. DeShauna was just 9 years old in third grade when she had sent the letter to Frank Grasberger along with her other classmates. But when she got a reply back from Frank, it changed her life. DeShauna is serving the Army National Guard now. After getting in touch with DeShauna, Jill planned up a surprise for Frank. Frank was not aware that Jill had found his pen friend.

He was in for a complete surprise when DeShauna walked in the room with flowers in her hands.

It took some time for Frank to absorb the fact that the woman standing in front of him is the same little girl who had written the letter to him. Frank was unable to hold his emotions.

Frank finds these moments to be a miracle. He said “And Now I met the girl that signed me the letter… and that is a real miracle. That really is.” After meeting DeShauna, Frank and his wife Delores have exchanged their numbers with DeShauna and they have promised that will keep in touch with each other.