Selfless Father D-ied After Jumping Into Pond To Rescue Daughter – Video


A young father, who didn’t know swimming, dived in the pond to save his 3 year old daughter. Minutes before the incident, the father was standing together with his friend Bobby Malone. While trying to save his daughter’s life Anthony Burgess, Jr., 24 lost his life. Bobby and Anthony were standing next the Antony’s car at the Core Riverbend Apartments in Castleton in Indianapolis city in Indiana.

At that time Anthony’s 3 year old daughter was clambering over the seats in the car. Anthony’s daughter accidently hit the reverse gear and the car rolled in the pond while the little girl remained trapped inside the car. Both Anthony and Malone didn’t know how to swim, however to save the girl, they both dived in the pond.

In order to save his daughter, Anthony lost his life.

Malone who witnessed the incident posted on social media about the incident. For Malone, he feels that he has lost his brother. He said he has never felt so much helpless, as he could not do anything while seeing his friend struggling hard in the pond. Malone wrote in his post “I could not even tell him goodbye.” Malone wrote “He saved his daughter he could not save his self!”

Malone says that he tried to reach Anthony after diving in the pond. He said “Why did this happen in like two seconds and five seconds the car in the water. I’m sorry bro I couldn’t help you like I wanted to bro I wanted to but I ain’t as strong as I wanna b bro… I was coming on God I was coming” Anthony was able to reach the car just in time and he yelled to his little girl to get on the back seat of the car and he then grabbed her.

A man on the other side of the shore saw the incident, and he too dived in the pond to save the little girl. This man too didn’t know swimming. Malone was able to make it back to the shore. The 30 year old bystander tried going towards Anthony.

However by then Anthony had gone below water and the by stander had to return half way back.

Anthony Burgess was pulled out by first responders and was taken to St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital. However the doctors were unable to save his life. Anthony was under water for about 20 minutes. Anthony’s daughter was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. She needs care at the moment but is in stable state of health.

The bystander too is safe. Burgess’s car was found about 25 feet under the water and 50 feet out from the shore of the retention pond. For his friends, Anthony Burgess remains to be a hero, who gave his life to save his daughter. Few weeks before the incident, Burgess had posted a beautiful picture of him and his daughter on social media. He had captioned the picture “I love her soooooooooo much.”s”