Black Father Gets Custody of His Daughter After She Was Secretly Adopted – Video


Christopher Emanuel had a white girlfriend and her family did not approve their relationship. Due to this without taking permission from Christopher, his girlfriend had put their daughter, Skylar, for adoption. Christopher Emanuel is from South Carolina and after an intense battle in court, he finally got the full custody of his daughter. Christopher founded ‘Sky is the Limit Foundation’ that aims to help other fathers who are facing similar situation.

Christopher recalls the time when his daughter was given for adoption and told to WACH NEWS “I was lost, man, I was hurt, I was confused because I wanted to insure that I could be there for my child.” Emanuel was aware that his girlfriend was expecting their child. He had got himself listed on the Responsible Fatherhood Registry, a South Carolina database.

The database lists all those fathers who have a child but were not married. With this registration, Christopher had full rights to take care of his daughter. Also he should have been informed if his girlfriend was going to put their daughter for adoption. However when his girlfriend’s family filed for Skylar’s adoption, he was not notified.

The family who had adopted Skylar was from San Diego. Although they were from another state, they were allowed to do so as the South Carolina law allows out of state adoptions in special situations, which includes biracial child. Christopher underwent lengthy court hearings and proceedings. At one point he even thought that he should file for adoption of his daughter.

After a year long proceedings at court, one judge took Christopher’s side. The judge noticed that the court records indicate that Christopher’s paternal rights were terminated without his permission. Based on the facts that were found, Christopher was granted the sole custody of Skylar. Christopher now helps other fathers to unite with their kids through his foundation. His foundation has launched ‘kickstart’ campaign also that aims to put an end to adoption trafficking.