Disabled Vet Only Buying Water Until Woman Says ‘Let’s Go Get You Everything You Need’ – Video


It was the month of November, Cassandra Jones and her team came to a local grocery store in Boulder City, Nevada. The season was close to Thanksgiving and people were buying food items in huge quantities for themselves and for their families. Victor Moss was in the store and was moving to the cash counter to pay for his bill.

Victor Moss is a veteran with a disability. Moss had a carton of water in his cart and he was going towards the till to get it billed. This is one a lady who was seeing him approached him and told him that he can get whatever he needed from the store and she would pay the bill for him.

This lady is Stone from FOX5 News Las Vegas.

She and her team work at FOX5 New Las Vegas and are a part of the FOX5 Surprise Squad. The squad reaches out people to help them by groceries for them. The squad tries to find veterans and give a surprise to them by paying up for their bills. The purpose of this squad is honoring the veterans for their services. And to honor them, the FOX5 Surprise Squad pays for all the food and necessities the veterans need from the store. While the FOX5 Surprise Squad team was helping customers to pay for their groceries, Stone and her team met Victor Moss.

Victor Moss, a veteran had got disable during a war. Stone and team saw that his cart had nothing except a case of water. Stone told Moss that they would pay up for his bill and he could get whatever he needed from the store.

Initially, Moss refused to this kind woman’s offer but then he agreed for it. Stone said to Moss, “Let’s grab this cart and let’s go get you everything you need.” Together with Stone, Moss went around the store and picked up all the groceries that he needed for his Thanksgiving. He was going to celebrate Thanksgiving with his fiancée. While getting the supplies, Moss was overwhelmed with emotions and his eyes were filled with tears. Moss told Stone about his fiancée and told her that she too had disabilities. Moss told to Stone that sometimes they are unable to celebrate the holiday season.

He said “You make it sometimes and sometimes you don’t, so I’m just trying, that’s all.” He leaned on Stone’s shoulder as he cried, this heartwarming act of kindness by stonme meant a lot to him.

He said “ “That’s what hit you most when someone give to you and you don’t expect it and you all walks up and do this for me, it’s great ma’am. It’s so wonderful and I thank you.” With the help of FOX5 News Surprise Squad Moss and his fiancée will now have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.