13 Signs He Loves You Even When He Doesn’t Say It


This is a question that a lot of ladies are actually going to struggle in especially when they find themselves in the early stages of a young relationship. How does your man really feel about being with you? Sure, things might be going really well between the two of you for the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be keeping this question at the back of your mind.

Just because you’re really enjoying the time that you spend together doesn’t automatically mean that you know that your man is in love with you. So, how can you know for sure short of trying to force him out of him?

Well, it’s all in the way he acts whenever he’s around you. You just have to make sure that you are looking in all of the right places. Keep in mind that verbal communication isn’t traditionally going to be a man’s strong suit. He isn’t always going to find it easy to talk about his feelings for you even when he starts getting really comfortable in the relationship. And that might be a problem for you if you want to know how he feels but you don’t know how to read language signs.

Well, that’s what this article is going to try to help you out with.

You don’t have to be completely clueless about whether a man is in love with you or not. You just need to keep an eagle eye on your relationship and fish out all of the probable signs that point to him being in love with you. If he does a lot of the things that are listed here, then you must be happy to know that you have a man who is really in love with you.

1. He makes plans in the relationship.

He isn’t going to just wait around for you to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the relationship. He’s also going to do his part in taking the initiative to strengthen your relationship even more.

2. When your opinion hugely matters to him

Is he planning anything only after discussing with you? All his important scheduling doesn’t go forward without consulting you? Is he compromising himself sometimes just to make space and value your opinion? This definitely means that you really mean a lot to him. All these are signs of a characteristic trait expressing love and importance towards you.

3. He makes an effort to listen to you.

Whenever you express a desire to talk to him, he really makes sure to listen to you. He pays attention to whatever you might have to say. He always wants you to feel safe in how you express yourself.

4. He moves his schedule around for you.

He really tries to move his schedule around so that he can accommodate you into his life. He never wants to come off as unapproachable or inaccessible to you. He wants to be as available to you as possible.

5. When Everything about you matters him, future included

This is the best litmus test that surely shouts at you if he is loving you or not. If he is genuinely in love with you, he will show interest in your personal, professional plans. Actually, he will be reflexively thinking if not dreaming, about a future with you. And such thoughts can be easily sensed as they will be evident in his words and actions. Just to offer you time he may withhold himself from openly admitting that he is dreaming a future with you but at least one time or other you cant help but to feel his emotions in one way or other. If you feel that he is weaving his future around you as his home, trust me he loves you.

6. He always stays honest and true with you.

He always stays honest and true with you. He never wants to be anyone other than who he really is when it comes to you. He always wants you to know that you can trust him to keep things real and sincere with you at all times.

7. He encourages you to pursue your goals and dreams.

He makes it clear to you that you can always pursue your goals and dreams even if you’re in a relationship together. He never wants to serve as a kind of barrier between you and everything that you want in life.

8. He apologizes whenever he screws up.

He is humble enough to acknowledge that he makes mistakes and he shows the mindfulness to actually apologize for hur-ting you or being a disservice to you. And he also makes an effort to learn from his mistakes.

9. If you are becoming a part of his social groups.

This is actually a major phenomena. If you are, even slowly, becoming known in his social groups – friends, acquaintances, even family. Then he is really serious about you. No one does that special acts of openly involving you in his life unless he is pretty sure that you are his love interest. If you are experiencing this, then he is indirectly signaling that he loves you.

10. He opens up to you about his fears and insecurities.

He really opens up to you about things that he wouldn’t really open up to other people about. He tells you about all of his deepest fears and insecurities without fear or shame.

11. He shows a willingness to make compromises with you.

He shows a real willingness to compromise with you. He wants to prove to you that he’s willing to make adjustments so that he can meet you halfway and keep you in his life.

12. He places his trust in you.

He places his trust in you at all times. He never wants you to feel like he has to control or manage you.

13. When there is immense respect, obviously

There can be a difference of opinions and perspectives as well. No two humans are alike. We need not accept with every word but there should be a heartfelt respect in the bond. He may not rhyme with everything you say but if he has immense respect for you, if you feel that respect he has for you in everything he does, then don’t think otherwise. You are special to him. Undoubtedly that respect is coming from a place called love.