“But First, Let Me Take A Selfie”: The18 Most Dan-ge-rous Selfies Ever Taken


How good is your selfie game? Chances are you have a ton of them on your social media right now. But how far would you go for the perfect photo? Well, some people will do almost anything for it and sometimes, they end up being pretty menacing. We’re talking about scaling skyscrapers, hanging off cliffs, and posing with wild animals.

How’s that for a rush? The one thing we can agree on is these people went through extremes to get selfies. But, was it worth it? We’ll let you decide.

1. Among the Skyscrapers

Recognized as the most menacing selfie in the world, this photo taken by Angela Nikolau in Tianjin, China is definitely not for those afraid of heights. We can’t help but wonder how she got up there.

We’re shaking just thinking of being up there that high. Believe it or not, this is just one of many menacing photos on Angela’s Instagram. The “extreme model” has many photos hanging off buildings and doing yoga on rooftops.

2. Feeling TREEmendous

This selfie was captured in Yekaterinburg, Russia and it happens to be a hotspot for people looking to take menacing selfies. If you find this photo scary, you’re not the only one—the Russian Interior Ministry thought so too and they even launched a campaign titled “safe selfie” to promote safe selfie-taking! Apparently, so many young thrill seekers in Russia have gone through extremes to get the perfect selfie that it’s resulted in lots of wounds and demises.

So, think twice before taking that picture.

3. GORGEous Views

True risk takers flock to Rio de Janeiro’s Serra do Mar for this incredibly menacing selfie. There’s a gorge bridge with active trains, which makes for a breathtaking photo. But to get these photos, some people have paid the ultimate price. Just look at Herba who’s trying to smile, but looks afraid to demise. While these photos are amazing, they’re far from safe. Nearly a dozen people have fallen off bridges while taking selfies since 2014. We can’t say we’re surprised.

4. Totally Trained

As if the thought of trains getting derailed wasn’t heart wrenching enough, how about hanging out of a moving one. Apparently, train selfies are a thing and they’ve become such a problem in some countries like India and Sri Lanka that they’ve been banned. Let’s hope this man wasn’t from one of those places as he’s risking his life to get the selfie. He even captioned the photo, “Back when I needed to get some fresh air.” We’re loving his chill attitude.

5. Just an Average Day

For some, taking menacing selfies seems to be a pastime and such is the case with Daniel Lau. This daredevil has more photos off the ground than on it and each one is more jaw dropping than the last.

The best part is he goes into details about how the shots were taken. This selfie was taken with Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, and we happen to think he fits right in with them. Just look at that view.

6. For Christ’s Sake

We can’t believe this selfie was the result of a challenge made by the Brazilian tourism board—can you? You may recognize this statue as Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer. Lee Thompson rose up to the challenge and got this sick selfie and he even looks strong while posing with the 30-meter-high statue. We can’t think of anyone getting a better selfie and we wonder who won the challenge.

7. Just Run!

Even without selfies involved, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain is menacing, so why anyone had the balls to snap a photo while doing so is beyond us. But to be honest, we kind of wish we were brave enough to do so. The event involves running in front of a small group of between six to 10 bulls. And in 2019, three people ended up getting gored running with them. So, taking a selfie while trying to outrun these animals probably isn’t the best idea.

8. Volcanic Eruptions

Sure, we have to admit we’ve always wanted to see a volcano erupt up close and personal, but we’re not sure we’d get this close to it.

Between the lava, volcanic ash, and gases, nothing about those things sounds safe and we’d want to get out of there before the rupture. But we must admit, this photo is pretty epic. We sure hope she got out of there safely.

9. Thrill Seekers

While we’re trying to capture a good hair day, some people take selfies for the thrill and such is the case with Colton Brock. He only takes selfies when they’re risky. “I don’t always take selfies, but when I do; they’re menacing,” he captioned this photo. So, where is this breathtaking view? It’s of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park which is a hiking paradise with its desert landscape carved by the Colorado River.

10. Making Waves

Have you ever sat on the beach and worried about the tide coming too close to your towel? Jim Grant turned his back for one second while snapping this photo at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California and he ended up getting drenched by the waves. Can you imagine how sh-ocked he must’ve been? We have to wonder what he was taking a photo of, but this photo is probably way better. We hope his camera wasn’t ruined.

11. The Lion Whisperer

Okay, so we’ve clearly saved the best for last. Can you imagine getting this close to a lion? Well for Kevin Richardson, aka the Lion Whisperer, this is just an ordinary day. Kevin regularly snuggles, hugs, and kisses these wild animals, making them look like house cats and they seem just as comfortable with him.

Folks, we don’t suggest trying this at home. The Lion Whisperer definitely knows what he’s doing.

12. Looking for Inspiration

If you’re looking for some creative motivation, why not take a menacing selfie? Seems pretty logical. That’s what Alex Gaston had in mind when posing for this selfie on top of a Manhattan building. “Needed to take my artistic mind to a higher level…”, he captioned the daring photo. We hope this was high enough for him. We prefer to get our creative juices going while having two feet planted on the ground.

13. Gator Att-acks

Really? Another alligator selfie? Just why? Are we just scaredy cats or are these people daredevils? If we saw a gator, we’d start running as fast as we could in the opposite direction even if it looked like it was taking a nap. Did you know alligators can run up to 20 miles per hour? Wow! That’s really fast. We wouldn’t want to mess with these reptiles. See you later alligator.

14. King of the Jungle

Like alligators, lions also shouldn’t be messed with. They’re the king of the jungle for a reason. Even still, this doesn’t stop people from seeing just how close they can get to them. And these men didn’t just get close to one, they were surrounded by a pride. Maybe they thought the lions were so busy eating that they wouldn’t want more food to snack on. Nonetheless, it’s pretty risky.

15. Written All Over Her Face

Girl, we feel you. While the guy seems super relaxed, this woman’s face is saying exactly how we’re feeling. She looks affraid and we can’t blame her. At least he gave her credit for conquering her fears, captioning the photo, “She’s so brave!”. Taken at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburg, Scotland, which is said to be the site of the legendary Camelot, the home of King Arthur and his noble Knights, the ancient volcano is over 800 feet high and just climbing it takes about two hours.

16. Triple Threat

What’s better than one person taking a selfie? Three people taking selfies. This photo has not one, not two, but three people taking menacing selfies while hanging off the edge of a skyscraper. The one on top is taking a photo while their friends are also taking selfies. Pretty cool idea, but still super scary. Imagine if the one on top fell—it wouldn’t be good for the other two. Maybe they’d all go tumbling down like dominos. That’s pretty dark.

17. Cheetah Girls

What is it with people posing with wild animals? This woman decided to not only take a selfie, but she decided to film her en-counter with this cheetah while on a safari in Africa. We didn’t know the animals get that close during safaris. While this would’ve been fine if it was a house cat, this wild animal giving her hair a good sniff and clean could’ve ended very differently.

18. Free Falling

Yeah, you couldn’t pay us to go freeflying. Sure, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and the views are amazing, but it’s terrifying. It’s even more extreme than skydiving which also makes our stomachs turn. This man managed to step up his selfie game while freeflying off the coast of Chile. While this makes for an unbelievable photo, we’d prefer to explore the country with both feet planted on the ground.

I love selfie’s, well who doesn’t. Flawless beauty, divine charm, and happiest moments around us in one picture.

Who will not fall in love with this technology which inspires us to involve in a little bit of self-love? When the technology of the selfie came into focus people fell in love with it, they shared every precious moment with others, and this made the task easy no need to involve another person in taking the picture .you can click a fabulous selfie whenever you want; at any place you want. But, some selfie lovers have gone too far in expressing their selfie love, pictures of which make skip a heartbeat.

These selfies are hilarious making the catch a breath with laughing the normal selfies turn into a laughter symbol making it an epic. There is another side to this selfie business. These selfies are taken in a most extreme situation which rather is fearful to a normal person. What do we call these people daring, audacious, or simply someone who doesn’t care for life? We can understand risk-taking, we can understand thrilling experiences but these harmful experiences or should I call it an experiment, is it worth going this far, taking such chances where there is no guarantee of being alive.

These selfies are taken as challenges, as income sources where they are being paid of risk-taking, or are trained to take ri-sks. Of these, most of them find it just fun to take. But when they do it becomes life-menacing. These life-ri-sking selfies have been banned in many countries like India, Srilanka where people lost a lot of lives including children. So, these fun selfies can be a bit approached with the care it would be better to control the excitement rather than losing the head.