5-Year-Old Dresses Up As School Security Officer For ‘Dress As Your Favorite Person Day’ – Video


Jacksonville North Pulaski School District appointed an officer for each of their five purple star schools. This is the first year for schools and the students to have someone around them. It raised many eyebrows, and the throats of the students were filled with questions out of curiosity, especially the kids. At Bobby G.

Lester Elementary School in Jacksonville, Arkansas – One of the five purple star schools, something surprising happened around this new circumstance which is very reassuring.

Jeffrey Cross is the one who got appointed as the School Security Officer in this school. From the beginning itself, he got filed up with young students and children about him and the purpose behind why he is ar-med. Since it is obvious for the adults, it is too tricky to answer these questions to the kids. Fortunately, Jeffrey, had a good sense to be discreet and desirable to the kids.

“They had questions about why I was ar-med and I was just telling them I’m here to protect them from someone bad who would come and hurt them,” Cross said.

You can’t guess what penetrates the heart of the child. And these words stick with Easton Blocker, the 5-year-old, he is so happy that particular someone is protecting him from bad guys. He admired this quality and spread his innocent love towards him. And quite sooner, he amazed everyone with such a gesture that made Jeffrey appreciate his job more. The school has a ritual to celebrate “Dress as Your Favorite Person Day”. As soon as the teacher explained that the students have to wear the dress or uniform of their favorite person. Easton got so excited, he decided to wear a costume like his favorite person, Officer Jeffrey Cross.

Easton went to his home and shared his expectation with his family. His mother, Lauryn Blocker, happily decided to give his son what he wanted. She found this opportunity to show Jeffrey that how much her son admires his friendship with him. So She brought a yellow T-Shirt and black pants just like the resemblance of Jeffrey’s officer uniform and she pasted letters on the T-shirt’s back as JUNIOR OFFICER and pasted a Logo of security on the T-shirt Chest. Easton happily wore a uniform like his officer friend and went to school on a special day.

Jeffrey Cross went speechless looking at this surprise gesture from the young child who did that because of nothing but love. When asking about the reason behind this special attitude Easton has towards Jeffrey, the kid just kept it as simple as “He Keeps me safe every day”.

To be subtle, That’s what everyone loves in the world, right? Officer Jeffrey cross is ready to put his life on the line for Easton and his classmates anytime. He was so happy that is making a good difference inside the kids. After all, Life is all about that. To protect someone we love, To love someone who protects us.