‘I Like You Around My Mommy Because You Don’t Yell At Her.’ The Judge Thanked Him For Stepping Up. I Couldn’t Hold Back My Tears.’: Woman Marries ‘Fairy Tale’ Man After Abusive Relationship, New Husband Adopts Her 3 Kids


I was always an independent woman who used to take responsibility for herself. I used to live alone in a small apartment in New York. One fine day, I attended some event, and there I met this guy. He was tall, good-looking, charming, and has everything that a woman wants in his man. We stared at each other for some time, and I without any hesitation approached him and gave him my number right away.

I was always a fun-loving girl, and that night too I was looking for some fun. However, I wasn’t aware of the fact that, that night would change my life forever.

We started talking to each other and soon ended up going on a date. It was very easy for him to win over me. I just got flattered with his talks, personality, and overall aura. I was desperate to get loved and wanted by this man.

Soon, our relationship took an ugly turn. My biggest mistake was that I was accepting all things in the name of ‘relationship’ when we had none. I was three months pregnant when he started misuse me, be-ating me, ch-oking me, and what not.

I was still hoping to things become normal after the birth of my first child, however, I was foolish. I was tormented to the core through physical and emotional misuse. More than the physical misuse, emotional misuse has made me weak. I lost all the courage to stand up for myself.

Two years later, I had twin girls. As a mother of three children, I felt special. Whatever the courage I had lost was rejuvenated that day. After a couple of months since the twin girls were born, my offender left me and was nowhere. I started raising my three children all alone by myself. Meanwhile, I joined the behavioral school in the need of some money. I wanted to raise my children in a non-to-xic environment where I can teach them good values that make them better human beings. As a single mother, sometimes it gets very difficult for me to play the role of mother as well as the father for my children. I even used to cry during late nights praying to God to help me come out from this dire situation.

I saw the hope of ‘change’ in my life when I came across one of my coworkers, Brain, at the Behavioural school.

Gradually, I started liking him and developed a strong interest in him. However, this time, I was afraid to take the charge. Holding my past experiences, I developed a fear in my mind about relationships. But, I cannot resist myself for a longer period of time. I started flirting around him, and it actually got worked. He started messaging and Snapchatting me. Finally, we met over drinks.

My friends and well-wishers used to advise me not to share my past experiences with anyone, as it is considered ‘shameful’ to a woman in society. However, I was pretty clear about my thoughts. I always had in my mind that if I get the chance to talk to Brian, I will make all the things clear to him about my past and present.

I met Brian and poured all my emotional thoughts in front of him. I was very afraid thinking whether he will accept me or not. My mind was always into thinking about our future. However, I was surprised and happy at the same time seeing his text message I received just after leaving the meeting, which reads, “I enjoyed seeing you outside the work. We should do this more often.” The text message was the confirmation of the beginning of my ‘new life.’ I started hanging around with him every day. When I was with Brian, it felts like that I had taken a rebirth. I used to each and every moment we spent together.

I wanted this relationship to grow further. However, the major hurdle was the acceptance of Brian by my children. I, soon, arranged a casual meet of Brian with my three adorable children.

Brian was, too, excited to meet my kids. The meeting went well and my kids liked Brian a lot. This was the moment I realized that I have made the right choice. By now, I was sure that my kids’ future is in the right hands. Brian accepted me and my children unconditionally, and we married each other with the hope to live a remaining life together.

Brain and I also pursued a court case against my offender. Brian makes sure that the offender is brought to the books. He also legally adopted my children and took off my offender from all the rights over the three children. Brian has always been justice-oriented, and he made sure that justice is served to me and my children. I will always remain indebted to Brian for what he has done for me and my kids.