Cop Stops Single Mom And Sees Her Son In The Back Seat, Asks Her To Follow Him To Nearby Store – Video


A officer is being praised all over the internet for performing an act of compassion to the single mom by ensuring the safety of her son. Niya Sumter travels every day to work in her car along with her 3-year old son. As a single mother, she works hard to make her ends meet.

The ‘notion’ of saving hard-earned money let her evade spending money on the right car seat for her young boy.

However, things change for good when she was questioned by a cop in regard to a legitimate traffic stop. The officer noticed the young lad on a back seat sitting on the car seat not ‘appropriate’ for him. He took note of the plight of the single mother and decided to help her. The cop asked her to follow him to a nearby store, where he bought a ‘right’ car seat for the little boy.

This came as a surprise to the woman, and she cherished this moment of her acquaintance with the ‘duty-bound’ officer.

Niya Sumter shared the post elucidating her whole experience with the State Trooper, Bradley Sanders, praising him for his tender heart. She appreciated the goodness of the cop and considered his succor as God’s grace. The Mississippi Department of Safety responded at the post appreciating the kind act of the State Trooper. The department thanked the officer for rising above his ‘duty’ and ensuring the safety of the child.

In response to all appreciations, the State Trooper recorded a video thanking everyone for pouring adulation on him. In the recorded video, besides thanking his well-wishers, he left out a very important message for all of us. He accentuated on performing our obligations to society in whatever we can. We all must reach out to people who really need us, he said in a video.