Real Men Reveal The 11 Ways They Know A Girl Is Wife-Material


Choosing a life partner with whom you can spend the rest of your life is a huge decision and must be taken seriously. Everyone wants to have lovely and everlasting happiness with their partner, so it is important to choose a wifey material. Of course, everyone’s preference is different but being a partner and raising a family is what ultimately makes women a wife material.

1. She shows love and affection

A woman who is affectionate and loving is considered wife material. A good life partner is going to be a future mother, so she should share love selflessly.

2. She believes in your potential and encourages you

Wifey material will never ask you to give up on your dreams. She wants to see you achieve them. She will always cheer you up, encourage you to have faith in yourself.

3. She knows the struggles of being in a marriage

She knows the struggles and puts effort to make a relationship work. She is aware of the ups and downs of a relationship. She understands that giving up on a relationship is never an option.

4. She shows good culinary skills

Cooking is a sign of a woman’s ability to take care of her family. If your girl knows how to cook then you can rely on her in the future.

5. She knows how to communicate

Communication is key to a healthy relationship. If your girl can communicate effectively without losing her patience. And express herself clearly to you then she is the one.

6. You have a natural curiosity about you.

Men are always attracted to women who are healthily curious. If you have a natural curiosity about you, it shows that you have a genuine willingness to learn. It proves that you are never content and that you always want to grow as a human being.

7. You live a strong and independent life.

Men always like women who exude strength and independence. When you show him that you are able to live your own life, then you are also proving to him that you are capable of taking care of yourself; that you don’t have to rely on him too much.

8. She stays honest and loyal

She never makes you feel like she is hiding something. She always presents herself as an honest and loyal woman.

9. She makes you laugh

Men like women with a good sense of humor. Spending time with laughter and joy makes a relationship last. He loves how you lighten the mood of the room.

10. You practice maximum patience with him.

You understand that he’s a human being who has mistakes of his own; and you never make him feel bad about it. You always stay patient and understanding with him. You always try to reassure him that you never hold his faults against him.

11. She treats you with respect

Respect must be from both sides. If she is a wife material she will not only give respect to you but also to your decisions.