Kind Woman Helped Tired Young Mother Comfort Her Crying Child So She Could Continue Shopping – Video


Rebecca Paterson was shopping daily essential items in a mall carrying her two babies. All of a sudden, her two sweet babies started crying at the top of their voices forcing her to leave the mall right away. Tiffany, a woman present there, was noticing Rebecca and her two adorable kids. She sensed the resentment in Rebecca for failing to do the shopping because of her two ‘naughty’ kids.

Tiffany felt for her and thought to help her. She approached Rebecca and asked, “if she could help her in some way?” Rebecca hesitated initially, but later upon insisting by Tiffany she handed her 2-year child to her.

Tiffany’s assistance helped Rebecca shake off the tension from her mind of holding two babies while buying essential needs from the mall. Rebecca shared a heartfelt post on social media that evinced the kind nature of Tiffany.

In an online group, named, Moms of Pearland, Rebecca shared the whole story of how she was approached by a kind lady, Tiffany, when she was agitated in the mall due to her kids. Tiffany carried her baby all along with her while she was shopping in a mall, Rebecca informed. “Shoutout to this wonderful, kind woman named Tiffany”, Rebecca wrote on social media while expressing her happiness over the pleasant incident that took place with her.

The appreciative part of the whole incident is Rebecca’s promise to herself for helping another mom in need whenever she will get the chance to do. She mentioned in the post that she wants to honor the kindness of Tiffany by performing a similar kind of act for other moms who need help. It is rightly said, kindness amplifies when people are kind to each other. Here, the act of compassion by Tiffany augmented the sense of trust between her and Rebecca eventually making Rebecca continue the chain of carrying out compassionate acts for others as well.