Harvard-Bound High School Grad Turns Down $40K Scholarship, Asks That It Go To Community College Student – Video


Verda Tetteh, a Black Graduate, who is set to join the prestigious Harvard University this fall, offered her scholarship worth $40K to the community college student. Tetteh announced her wish to help the necessitous student during her Fitchburg High School Graduation ceremony on Friday. She thanked the school authorities for awarding her the scholarship, but at the same time, she wants that the scholarship to be given to the more worthy candidate.

“I am not the one who needs this most,” Tetteh said in her speech.

In the course of the ceremony program, Tetteh had already taken the stage twice for delivering speeches as a 2021 Class Speaker and as the recipient of the scholarship from Assistant Principal Thomas DiGeronimo. The third time when she took to the rostrum, she made a staggering annunciation of supporting a community college student with her scholarship money. As she made the proclamation, her teachers, friends, and coevals gave a standing ovation to her and extolled her for being affectionate to impoverished people.

During the speech, she mentioned her mother, who was the inspo behind her act of giving away the scholarship.

“My mother earned her bachelor’s degree as a community college student and has made inestimable sacrifices for me to study in the best of the schools and colleges. Today, I want to honor her sacrifices by helping out one student from a community college”, she spoke during her speech. She acknowledged the contribution of her Assistant Principal, DiGeronimo, in her academic life, and thanked her for always being compassionate to her and other students as well.

Tetteh had been initially awarded with General Excellence Award by Fitchburg High School for academic and civil excellence. According to school authorities, Tetteh is ingenious, benevolent & tender-hearted, and an asset to society. Tetteh, who was immigrated to the United States from Ghana as a child, had received scholarships worth $80K.

She now will be going to one of the reputable universities in the world, Harvard University, for academic attainment. What Tetteh has done is a specimen of her generosity. The act corroborates the fact that there are still people who look beyond their selfish interests. The high moral standards upheld by Tetteh will be looked upon by young graduates in the future to come.