B-ull-ies Mock Cheerleader With Down Syndrome – Basketball Players Stop The Game To Step In For Her – Video


In a recent viral video, three teenage basketball players can be seen stepping forward for their friend, Desiree Andrews, who was cheering for them during the game. Desiree was persecute at the basketball court, for having a genetic disorder, by the cheerleaders of the rival team. Scooter Terrien, Chase Vasquez, and Miles Rodriguez were in the middle of the game when they caught the sight of rival fans persecute their friend, Desiree, for having Down syndrome.

They came forward promptly and decided to stop the game. The incident made the three teens angry and they decided to leave the basketball court.

Soon after they withdrew from the game, the whole team walked off the court in objection of the persecute of their cheerleader. Delineating the whole incident to Milwaukee News Outlet, Chase told, “they saw some rivals fans tyrannizing our friend Desiree for having Down syndrome, and this exasperated us, so we came forward in objection of this irreverent act of persecute someone.” The whole team came forward and asks their Sports Director to hold a talk with wrongdoers and ensure that the menace of persecute is strictly addressed at school premises, Chase informed.

Desiree has the natural ability to raise the spirit of anyone, and thus, is a terrific cheerleader. She decided to become a cheerleader when she saw a girl with Down syndrome being one in her dearest TV show, “Glee.” Desiree’s father was in tears when he came to know about the whole incident. He is a bit saccharine for her daughter and learning upon the angry retort of her daughter’s friends with regard to the whole incident, he was overwhelmed.

He also remembered the moment when Desiree finally decided to become the cheerleader. Desiree’s self-esteem got a boost and she was at the seventh sky at that juncture, Desiree’s father informed. The three friends have now become more careful for their friend, Desiree, or simply D, as they often called her. They often inquire about her well-being and make sure she does not face the same situation again.

The school authorities were quite impressed with the three boys for what they have done for their friend. Since the incident took place, the issue of persecute became more serious for school officials, and they have proclaimed to address the issue more conscientiously. Lincoln Middle School goes a step further and showed a sweet gesture by naming the School Gym as D’s House after sweet Desiree symbolizing it with the Friendship Bond.