103-Year-Old Grandma Describes What It Was Like Picking Cotton In Viral Video


According to TikToker Denise B, her grandmother picked cotton from 3.00am to 5.00pm, which was resultantly turned into clothes. However, despite the gruelling nature of her work, the video revealed that her grandmother received little pay. The TikToker (@blackbeauty_305) shared a video of her grandmother with her followers, who detailed her 3.00am pick-up to go to work on a cotton farm, to be paid next to ‘nothing’.

The 103-year-old revealed she would barely even make ‘100 dollars’ despite the lengthy day of work she was made to complete. The clip has since gone viral, with followers flooding to the comments in awe of the grandmother’s stories from when she was younger, and angry over the lack of reward she received for her hard physical labour. The post has since amassed over 2 million views, 700,000 likes and 22,000 comments.

One said: ‘Wow she’s probably seen so much in her lifetime.’

Another commented: She deserves reparations. A third said: ‘I felt honoured just hearing her talk.’ Denise has used her platform to share multiple of her grandmother’s tales, with videos revealing what was used as medicine back in her grandmother’s day, to her reminiscing about baking her ‘famous cakes and cookies’.


Vickie My mom and dad and their families picked cotton too.

Most rural communities that’s how they earned a living blacks and poor whites.

Lesley The media are who is doing the best job of dividing the country.

Scott Your grandmother is beautiful and I’m so grateful she is still here with your family. ThNk you for sharing her stories with all of us.

Robert FerrisGrandma said $100 if you barely picked any. She said she knew how to work and worked hard so she made good money. Grandma could have been taking home $1000 a week easy

Diana Gonzales There wasn’t many jobs in 1930 for any women. I imagine farming was a typical job for any female of that era and most men as well. We have become to soft to live to be 103. IMO

Shelly Jones Unbelievable to say at least . Such Ana amazing person. So proud to share. Same though everyone I understand isn’t responsible for this & have stoped but every person cannot be held accountable for ages past just moving forward more due.

We improve and learn from our past. Learn and grow is the best

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