Boy Behind The ‘Where We About To Eat At?’ Viral Video P-assed Away At Age Six – Video


The witty child behind the ‘Where we about to eat at?’ viral video has L-eave this world of complications from his autoimmune disease at age six. The sad news was confirmed by Antwain Fowler’s mother, Chyna, on his Instagram profile on Sunday. ‘The pain in my heart is like no other. Why God,’ the image read, while the caption stated ‘Never in a million years.

My heart is out my chest.’

Antwain, who went viral after his mother posted a hilarious clip of him saying ‘Where we about to eat at?’ while he was sitting in his car seat, was diagnosed with a disease called autoimmune enteropathy in July, 2015 after turning one. In the description of a GoFundMe that has raised more than $54,000 for expenses associated with his illness, his family had described how it had affected his life.

‘The first four years of Antwain’s life was an everlasting struggle, and very crucial experience for his family. Through unlimited prayers, faith, and doctors working around the clock Antwain is progressively healing; and truly grateful for all that he’s accomplished thus far,’ the page read. The family has yet to confirm the exact cause of his demise, but Antwain’s more than half a million fans have expressed their support to his mother in the comment section.

Although Antwain managed to convey his joy for life and silliness in the videos that made him internet-famous, he suffered from several ailments throughout his young years that often made him stay in and out of hospitals. He underwent 25 sur-geries, and was unable to drink milk, or eat solid foods during his earlier childhood, his family said.

However, many found inspiration and felt drawn to his mischievous and courageous character. Just five days ago, a video of Antwain wearing shoulder pads and dancing around had been posted on his profile. He recently had a procedure called intravenous immune globulin done to help him gain muscle, and his mother seemed hopeful that it would be the beginning of his recovery.

His mother had also posted on Instagram that Antwain wanted to be a character of ‘Squid Games’ for Halloween, but didn’t have the chance because he spent the holiday in the pediatric ICU. Instead, he wore a Marvel superhero costume from his hospital bed. ‘Missed this year! he wanted to be a SquidGame character. Next year son,’ she wrote. His fans have offered an outpouring of support and encouragement to his gr-ieving mother.


Jenn I literally quote his words everyday rip he was such a funny and a nice kid he’s in a better place now

Ann Clary His Beautiful Brown Skin, His Chubby Cheeks And His Vibrant Personality Always Brought Joy To My Heart. He’s With GOD And The Ancestors Now. Praying God Gives Strength To His Mother And Family.

Brandon This bre-aks my heart, he was such a beautiful lil soul that made so many people smile R.I.P precious angel, you will be missed! Prayers sent to his momma and family

Genetta Lacey He made everyone smile and like they said,” his spirit was infectious”. God bless his family and friends. Still remember, however, that he is still watching down at us from a better place.

AlissaJesus Christ keeps children such as these for they inherit the kingdom of God.May His family find comfort in that .RIP.