Dr. Dre’s Ex-Wife Claims She Unemployed & Struggling With Only $1M In Bank, Calls LA Sheriff To Collect Money From Him – Video


Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are still at odds over their di-vorce settlement. The pair have been in the headlines for over a year now as they struggle to divide up their assets and come to an agreement. While the courts finally ruled in favor of Young, she recently revealed that Dre seems to not be budging or cooperating with her and her team.

She has yet to collect her money from him. Nicole Young and Dr. Dre filed for di-vorce in July of 2020 after 24 years of marriage. Young has maintained that their relationship was insulting and one sided, with Dre cheating and taking care of other women.

Young even made attempts to have the women testify in court, stating that Dre was using them to hide money but purchasing them houses in cash.

They three women opted not to testify however. According to Young, her and Dre had no proper prenup. She claims that he torn up their prenuptial agreement early on in their marriage as a romantic gesture rendering it null and void. As a result, she wants half of everything she feels she is entitled to. Dre disagrees and said he did sign a prenup hours before their wedding in Maui back in 1996. While they did eventually reach a settlement in their di-vorce, Young is saying Dre is dragging his feet in paying up.

According to court documents obtained this week by several sites, Nicole Young says Dr Dre is in contempt of court for failing to pay for her legal fees. The judge order Dre to pay $1,550,000 to cover his ex-wife’s legal fees because she is currently unemployed.

Nicole Young reportedly only has $1 million in the bank with no incoming money. Young and her team are saying that Dre is simply refusing to pay and that he missed his September 30th time limit to give them the money. To date, he has only paid $325,433. Dr. Dre and his team have also revealed plans to have the court reverse their decision to have him cover the legals fees, probably the reason why he stopped paying.     View this post on Instagram           

A statement release by Young’s camp says “Andre is doing whatever he wants to do because he is an enormously entitled and well-funded litigant who seeks to exact retribution on his former wife by decimating her financially leaving her without legal representation in this case.” She feels he is being “offensive” and that the court is condoning his behavior.

She argues that it is impossible for her to fi-ght off a man with such enormous wealth and feels if the courts do not intervene she will lose.

The delayed payment is resulting is mounting legal fees for Young, who is now asking for an additional $4million due to Dre’s refusal to pay. “Andre has hundreds of millions of dollars while Nicole has no funds from which to pay fees,” her attorney states. “The entire record is replete with evidence of financial disparity favoring Andre.” While they went through court proceedings, Dre was still ordered to pay out spousal support to allow Young to keep up with her lifestyle.

Back in July of this year, it was reported that he was giving her almost $300,000 a month in spousal support. Documents reveal that payments were to “continue in a like manner until the party receiving support remarries or enters into a new homely partnership, demise of either party, or until further order of the court.” While it seems like a lot, Young initially asked $2million a month. Someone close to the situation said “the support order is consistent with what he has already been paying since the initial separation and is a fraction of the $2 million per month Nicole and her lawyers demanded.” Recently, it was reported that Young had Dr. Dre served with court documents during his grandmothers fu-neral. Dre was reportedly furious and refused to take the documents, which were reportedly placed at his grandmothers gravesite.


Carlos I’d certainly like to have the privilege to “struggle with $1,000,000 in the bank.” I have a job, pennies in the bank compared to her and managed to survive this long.

Have several seats lady.

Jina Elaine I don’t care if I had 50 million in the bank.. if you owe me you owe me.. he’d do the same if it was her owing him best believe.. he’s now using his wealth and privilege against her.. what he owes is nothing to him.. he’s doing it out of spite at this point.. And he was the rude one.. go figure that this would be his pattern..

EdwardJust because his worth is billions doesn’t mean that he has that in cash to write her a check for all that he owes or was ordered to pay her. He probably has to liquidate some things to pay her and that could take time.

JasonDam $1mil 4 real girlfriend .. matters what you are use too that 1 mil …better take it and flip it.. real woman moves.. should’ve been investing while the going was good…

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