‘I Want to Be You:’ Officer Finds His Restaurant Check Paid with a Handwritten Note on It – Video


Amanda Cantin is a young mother, brings her child to the working place which is the local restaurant, Lakeland. She welcomes her son on ” Bring Your Child to Work Day” and lets him enjoy his presence. Noah, nine years old, son of Cantin who always puts others before him. He likes to protect people than many and wants to live up for them.

There is no wonder Noah found curiosity over the officer, Benitez, sitting at the front of the restaurant tables, eating the meal he ordered.

Noah so aspires to become a officer someday when he grows up from the age of 5. That pushed his attention towards the officer, Benitez. Due to his admiration, he asked his mom to let him talk to the officer. Cantin sure knows it is not going to end up with just greetings with Noah. She knew Noah tends to put people before his own needs and be selfless and generous towards them.

So she encourages him on that special day of work to make his feelings to be heard.

Noah wanted to thank officer Benitez for his service and wished to tell stuff he thought about being an officer. His mother Cantin decided to help him. Noah did find his support. Now he can show him how he feels than construct it with words. Noah planned to pay the officer’s whole meal with the money he was saved for his upcoming birthday. And he also wrote a note on his bill, “I want to be you when I grow up.” with his little hands.

After the meal, officer Benitez was surprised to see the young man with the paid bill and a personal note presented to him. He was so delighted to see what just had happened. “He didn’t understand why this little boy was walking down there with his tab. His face was very surprised.” He was so happy that someone young as Noah found him as an Inspiration to grow up to be. Officer Benitez also wanted a favor from him. And asked Noah to have a Picture with him. Noah gladly found that applaudable and showed his young and determined face to the camera.

Everyone in the restaurant captured the moments in their heart along with it. Later It got posted from the original Lakeland Department social media itself as follows: “Have you heard about awesome Noah who used his birthday money to buy officer Benitez breakfast?” The online community found the post so pleasant and so touched by Noah’s feelings on Department.

Everyone is wondering him to grow up and commit to protecting this world and its people as he wants.