15 Facts About Women You Probably Didn’t Know About


From childhood we have learnt about the most amazing things only a woman can do. From being more rational than men to better smell sensitivity, there are numerous research done on women and still there’s something hidden about women which the men are never able to figue out. In this article we will read about more such amazing facts about women. 

1. Noise Sensitivity: 

Women are more sensitive towards noise than men. Researchers say that it is so that they can hear the high pitched noise of their children crying while they’re sleeping.

2. Color Visibility: 

Because of Genetic mutation, women see 20% more color than men. That’s how they can differentiate between candy pink, hot pink and pink! 

3. More Memory Power: 

Women outdo men in terms of memory. They can remember faces, anniversaries, birthdays more than men can. This is because they subconsciously spend more time studying faces.

4. Unsung Heroes Of Invention: 

Electric refrigerator was discovered by Florence Parpart in 1903. Anna Conelly engineered the fi-e escape in 1887. Also, Mario Donovan had discovered disposable diapers in 1946. Over the years women have invented many day to day necessary items which need all the necessary shoutouts. 

5. What To Wear?: 

Ever struggled to decide what to wear in order to buy groceries? Well, you’ll be shocked to know that an average woman spends an entire year of her life deciding what to wear.

6. Bl-ding: 

We live in a country where menstruation is still a taboo. In an average life cycle women spend over four years bl-ding. 

7. Pain Tolerance: 

According to researchers, the intensity of labor pain is larger than the pain of 5 bones fractured together. Also, an average labor can start from a few hours and can last upto days.

8. Childbirth: 

Every 90 seconds across the world, a woman lost there life during pregnancy or childbirth. This rate is higher in India due to the desire for a male child. 

9. Highest IQs: 

The two highest IQs ever recorded were that of women. 

10. Physically Stronger: 

Women are physically more resistant to diseases and wound due to the female hormones favouring their immune system. 

11. Flexibility: 

Female muscles and tendons have more elastin and their lower spine has evolved due to childbirth which makes them more flexible. 

12. Word Library:

Women also have higher levels of FOXP2, also known as the “language protein”. This great amount of protein helps an average woman speak about 20,000 words a day which is 13,000 words more than the average man speaks. 

13. Skin Sensitivity: 

Women’s skin is approximately 25% thinner than men. This makes their skin more responsive to stimulus. However, this tendency of sensitivity makes their skin more prone to d-age and develop signs of ageing earlier. 

14. Face Reading: 

Women Have better ability to read the minds and faces of others.

They have an ability to read and understand expressions which helps them in better communication. 

15. Alc-ohol Tolerance: 

Women get dru-nk faster than men because the female body has less water in its tissue. This is the same reason why women sweat less than men. Some of the facts are not even imagined by women. These amazing facts make women beautiful, smart and attractive.