Watch: Girl, 9, Pun-ches Mother’s At-tacker in the Face, Chases Him Down Street: ‘I Had to Save My Mom’ – Video


The incident occurred outside of Sabor Tropical Supermarket in West Palm Beach on November 2, when Danielle Mobley and her daughter, Journee Nelson, were loading groceries into their vehicle, according to the Miami Herald. Surveillance footage obtained by WPTV shows a man running up to Mobley and tackling her to the ground. A struggle for Mobley’s purse ensued before Journee ran up to the assailant and punched him in the face.

Po-lice have identified the claims suspect as 29-year-old Demetrius Jackson, the Miami Herald reported. “I fo-ught back. I had to save my mom,” Journee told WSVN. The suspect then reportedly threw Journee to the ground and made off with Mobley’s purse. The Miami Herald reported the purse was holding a “Samsung cellphone, gum, several bank cards, a Coach wallet, $40 cash and her concealed carry permit, according to Jackson’s seize affidavit.”

“She actually jumped up and chased him four houses down the block with me chasing her, calling her back,” Mobley said at a news conference, according to the outlet. For her efforts in the heat of the moment, Journee received a certificate, a medal, and a Target gift card from the West Palm Beach Department, according to the Miami Herald. The West Palm Beach Department shared on social media photos of Journee’s visit to its social media.

“Chief Adderley honored a 9-year old child today for bravery as she ran to her mother’s defense to fend off a brazen robber,” the post reads. “An #seize was swiftly made in this case. The West Palm Beach Po-lice Foundation presented the child with a token of appreciation.” “I wouldn’t recommend that you confront an individual like that but in the heat of the moment things happen,” said West Palm Beach Po-lice Chief Frank Adderley, per the Miami Herald.

“I bet he was surprised when she h-it him right in his face, because you can definitely tell on the videotape that he was not expecting that and her actions were perfect timing in this particular situation and I think she h-it him pretty hard,” Adderley continued. Jackson has been charged with battery and burglary, according to WSVN. “I’m very proud of her that was her initial reaction,” Mobley told WSVN. “I wish we, sometimes, things could be a little different because she is still dealing with this mentally.”


Merciless The little girl jumping in likely forced them to get involved… It’d be hard to stand by while something happened to a child.

DennisBrave little girl, more heart than a lot of people, I always recommend fi-ght back offence, but know your options when it arises, don’t fi-ght back when they are arm, but observe if you get a chance to strike n disarm the perpetrators ,go for it in full force, change the script on them, watch how different the scene becomes.

Jason Go baby girl! Best thing I’ve seen all day.

This baby has more heart that most grown men nowadays!

Kelly Renee That’s little girl has the heart of a Loin, she reacted fast. she was fearless and brave. BLESS HER HEART.

Philly She will always protect her family without hesitation . Is time to get mom’s little hero into Self-defense classes / Martial Arts classes.