Teen Steps In After Nobody Stopped To Help Old Man In Wheelchair Escape An Incoming Tornado – Video


In a recent viral video, a 16-year old boy, Seth Phillips, came forward to help a man, Gregory Beck, when he heard tornado sirens and blaring. Beck, a wheelchair-bound double amputee and a legally blind owing to diabetes complications, was journeying to his home from grocery shopping when he heard tornado sirens and blaring.

Tornados are quite common in the city of St. Louri, Missouri, and people are well aware of the spoliation that tornados cause to the city and them, in general. Upon hearing warning sounds in the form of sirens and blaring, people over there start heading inside their homes at a breakneck speed.

Beck, initially petrified, didn’t lose hope and started moving towards his home. He asked for help from the cars passing by, but no one stopped their car as everyone was in hurry to reach their home safely.

Not even people stopped their cars but yelled at Beck to hurry up. Without a car, it would usually take around 25 minutes for Beck to reach his home. However, with the grace of God, Beck finally received help from a 16-year old Seth Phillips when he along with his mom, Amber Gilleylen, was heading to their home.

As soon as, Phillips clapped his eyes on Deck he jumped out of his family van and reach out to offer him help. He made Deck sit with him in his family van and ensured that he reaches safely to his home. Phillips’ mother, Amber, got delighted to see the act of compassion carried out by his son. She even recorded the video of his son as he helped the wheelchair-bounded man. “My hope is that other teenagers will see that it’s the cool thing to do, you know, it’s good to help other people.

It doesn’t make you uncool to stop and help someone who needs it,” she wrote while sharing the incident.

Seth and his mother had set a perfect example for all of us. Through this act, Seth exhibited his compassionate side and gave a message to those people who turned a blind eye to Gregory’s pain and didn’t stop their cars for help. When asked about the whole incident from Seth, he said, ‘he helped the man, because it was the right thing to do.” Seth didn’t stop here; he gifted an electric wheelchair to the man by collecting money through GoFundme, Seth informed.