5-Yr-Old Sweetly Invites His Entire Kindergarten Class To Courtroom Hearing To Celebrate His Adoption – Video


Every year the United States celebrates November 20 as a National Adoption Day when thousands of children are adopted by prospective parents. In one of the adoption cases, the adopted child, Michael Orlando Clark Jr., was so elevated for being adopted and finding adorable parents that he invited his whole kindergarten fellows at his adoption hearing.

Micheal’s parents, David Eaton and Andrea Melvin, first met him at the Grand Rapids Adoption Event.

They were quite impressed by Michael’s sweet nature and decided to adopt Micheal on the adoption day. The adoption hearing was held at the Kent Michigan County Courthouse where Micheal was one of the 37 children who were embraced by their new families. During the adoption day of Micheal, all of his friends and teachers were present in the courtroom to cheer him.

Micheal was ecstatic seeing all his friends and teachers joining him at his happy moments. His friends brought paper hearts with them which they waved during the entire adoption hearing. They also adored their friendship bond with Micheal. Micheal’s teacher also took the opportunity to speak on the importance of family and blessed Micheal with best wishes for the future ahead.

The teacher univocally made a point with regard to the significance of being in a family. At the same time, she also expostulated the notion of family being just ‘same DNA.’ In her view, family is all about support and love. The hearing ended with applause, love, and smiles for Micheal and his parents. All three concluded the adoption hearing by symbolically gaveling down the order with happy faces.

Judge Patricia Gardner has heard lots of adoption cases before, however; she found this case very special because of the sweet gesture shown by Micheal’s friends accepting his invitation to come to the hearing in order to support him. “I consider myself very fortunate that I got to chance to hear this case. It brings me a joy to see happy faces of children,’’ she said.

The story got viral on the internet and invited a lot of beautiful messages for Micheal and his parents. Many users took to the internet to praise Micheal’s parents for the benevolent act. Some users also appreciated Micheal for celebrating his adoption day with all his friends. “Micheal’s life will surely take a positive 360-degree turn today. This special day will be always be remembered by him. May he always remain sweet & loving, and turn out to be a compassionate person as his parents,” a user commented on the viral post.