Hello To The Engaged Side! Adele Helps Couple Nail Surprise Engagement At Her Concert – Video


Adele may be rolling in the deep, but for one couple, they’re rolling straight down the aisle and deeply in love thanks to the British singing superstar. “Turn the lights down, turn the lights down,” the singer said to the production team in a nervousness. While frantically making the audience silent to make the concert a surprise, a young man by the name of Quentin is seen in the video escorting his longtime girlfriend Ashley down the aisle of the venue with soundproof headphones and a blindfold to keep the location a secret.

As he dropped to one knee center stage, Quentin squeezed Ashley’s hand as a signal to remove her blindfold and when she did, she was in utter surprise to be joined by an audience of thousands during such an close moment which would soon change the rest of their lives forever. “I want to say thank you for being so patient with me.

I’m extremely proud of you and every day you just blow my mind.

There’s absolutely nothing that you cannot do and I know that you’re going to be an amazing mother to our kids one day and I love you. I will continue to love you forever,” Quentin said between exchange of tears and laughter as he stayed down on bended knee. “This has been a long time coming. Will you marry me, Ashley—in real life?”

After a tearful “yes” and resounding applause from the audience, Adele appeared on the stage as the lights faded on to reveal Ashley’s surprised facial expressions. “Thank God she said yes or else I didn’t know who I was going to have to sing this song to next,” Adele said jokingly as the newly engaged couple took their front row seats to her CBS “One Night Only” special only two seats away from Lizzo and actress Melissa McCarthy.

“Look at her, she’s so in surprise. That was lovely. I think I’m going to cry.” She proceeded to perform “Make You Feel My Love” in dedication to Ashley and Quentin’s new milestone in their relationship. To see the full tearjerking moment, head to CBS’ official Twitter below to witness it from start to finish.

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Alex Hurley I got engaged at an Adele concert, Sat next to Lizzo and was offered Champagne by Melissa McCarthy” is possibly one of the best brags anyone can ever make! Enjoy it

TerryIt’s not only them who are lucky to have that chance but the audience is lucky as well to witness such moment

Bwalyah This is amazing. From someone who has had challenges in her own marriage to allow others to have a beautiful start to their own journey. This is beautiful thank you Adele

MIke All surrounding them aside…the most touching was what he actually said. That was truly beautiful.

Reese In a society that encourages anything but relationships, you’ve made it. ADELE, you rock ! A wonderful Human being.

Nicole And how Adele let them sit down and watch entire performance till the end She is such an amazing human being

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