B-ully Ruthlessly Fat Shames Woman Online – Loyal Boyfriend Steps In With Clever Response – Video


One of the stereotypes about being young is being easily influenced. Often, teens join in on persecute and succumb to peer pressure when tested in front of their peers. This was not the case for one young man.

Prom night

As a teen, so many hopes and dreams are pinned on prom night, which is said to be one of the best nights of high school! This was the case for Tre Booker and his girlfriend Madison, who both felt gorgeous and put together in coordinating outfits. Madison looked stunning in a sparkly pink dress, while Tre looked smart in a suit complete with a pink bowtie and corsage to match his love. Feeling proud of their amazing prom looks, the two posted their prom photos online.

While many friends of the pair had positive things to say, not everyone was so friendly. Madison, sh-ocked and saddened, responded to the anonymous user:

That’s when Tre jumped into the mix, tweeting:

The sweet interaction between the two led them to go viral. Many people applauded Tre and complimented Madison on how beautiful she looked in her sparkling dress.

A beautiful pair

As Madison and Tre’s experience illustrates, there will always be haters who want to rain on your parade. Just like this young couple, the best response to those people is to lift each other up, complement each other, and recognize what makes us special. Ignore the naysayers, and hopefully one day they will go away.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Marci As a chubby girl with a boyfriend I am aware of what I look like and how I feel about it and this just made my day snugbug

David You are a very pretty young lady and your young man is also very handsome. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Nay Elise This is my actual goals wow. They’re both super attractive too This was so sweet

Kiara Clark She looks like a smart and pretty girl to me. Also her boyfriend is handddssooomee!! That mean girl was definitely jealous.

Gerry your both beautiful continue to love each other & keep aiming for what makes you both happy it can only get better a fan from Milwaukee Wisconsin

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